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School of Social Work and Disability Resources: Working to Make Documents Distributed through LMS Accessible

Proposal No: 2675

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  • Krista Greear, Accessibility Strategist, Blackboard
  • Melinda McRae, Learning Management & Web Specialist, School of , University of Washington

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Length of Session (in hours): 1-hrFormat: Lecture Expertise Level: All Levels Type of session: Not provided

Summary of Session

It is becoming more common for faculty to distribute required readings in electronic format through Learning Management Systems. In the recent history, the UW's School of Social Work and Disability Resources for Students have partnered together to provide more files that are "accessible-born" to all students in the class.


This presentation is a continuation from AHG 2014 where Krista shared data about the amount and type of content that faculty are distributing through Learning Management Systems (20,000 pages and counting). Last year data was collected; this year, Melinda and Krista will share how the UW’s School of Social Work is leading other departments in creating accessible-born materials. This partnership is truly a win-win for both departments. Successes, pitfalls and encouragement will be shared to give folks ideas about what can be done on their campus to combat poorly scanned documents, image-based files and working with faculty who have dozens of other priorities.


  1. Share how one university used data to initiate conversations for change with faculty
  2. Provide ideas for creating a collaborative relationship between faculty/departments and DS providers.
  3. Brainstorm best practices that can be modified at any campus for easy-wins regarding faculty-shared content

Speaker Bio(s)

Krista Greear

An enthusiastic, data-driven individual, Krista is passionate about inclusivity. With 12 years of experience in higher education accessibility, Krista’s focus is to accelerate the educational landscape regarding digital content. Her expertise is in document and video accessibility, although is interested in web and application accessibility as well. Leveraging her Master of Education in Educational Technology, Krista is interested in the intersection of accessibility, inclusion, and instructional design. She is excited about improving the educational experience for all students by working with administrators, faculty, and students to make changes at a system level.

Melinda McRae

Melinda is a Web Computing Specialist within the School of Social Work. She came to the school with 10 years experience working with UW Nursing.


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