Words to the Wise: How Typed Transcripts and Video Captions Are Boosting Student Outcomes

Scheduled at 2:00pm in Cotton Creek II on Thursday, November 21.



  • Nathan Nuñez, Head of Government and Education, Rev

Session Details

  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: All Levels
  • Type of session: General Conference


Join Rev as we delve into the research that shows how a simple, low-cost accessibility hack of offering captions and transcriptions can benefit all learners --- and how any university can improve learning experiences greatly, simply by harnessing the power of the written word.


Educational research now indicates that by augmenting learning content with transcripts and captions, institutions can make courses that are not just more accessible — but more helpful generally — to all students. Now that universities are finding this direct, unassailable positive correlation between captions and students’ learning outcomes, Rev has seen that they are also faced with developing a strategy on how to implement an important accessibility initiative. We know because we’ve partnered with hundreds of universities for years. Given that experience, we also know that, particularly within higher education, budgets can be tight. We also know that with the proper guidance and access to inexpensive tools, universities can indeed put accessibility at the forefront of their pedagogical strategy, without breaking the bank. We’ll outline the clear benefits of adding captions and/or transcriptions to learning content so that you can share them with your university.


  1. Outline the clear benefits of adding captions to learning content
  2. Encourage a movement for accessibility across all universities
  3. Managing obstacles such as budget and difficulty of implementation

Disability Areas

All Areas, Cognitive/Learning, Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Topic Areas

Accessible Educational Materials, Administrative/Campus Policy, Assistive Technology, Faculty Instruction/Accessible Course Design, Including Accessibility in Curriculum, Information Technology, Legal, Procurement, Research, Uncategorized, Web/Media Access

Speaker Bio(s)

Nathan Nuñez

Nathan’s understanding of the internal processes for both Edu, government and remote Accessibility gives him a unique ability to navigate through both systems and connect his customers to the most beneficial solution for their language accessibility needs. He transitioned from the emergency response arena to the interpretation industry in November of 2011, when he became an Interpreter Resource Coordinator and Real Time Operations Urgent Response Member. During this time, he was tasked with the prevention and rapid intervention of technical, staffing, and internal system protocol failures relating to the volatile nature of the industry. Nathan was promoted to the role of Premier Account Executive in October of 2012, Regional Account Manager in September 2013, and then Strategic Account Manager in November 2015. Most recently, he was the primary account manager for all states under a global leading remote interpretation firm since January 2014 and has successfully leveraged his intimate understanding of the interpretation process in its entirety to effectively manage and assist the various states utilizing services in government arena. As a former EMT, Nathan strives to continue the emergency response mantra, “do the most good, for the most people” and is driven to assist government in its ultimate goal of supporting the public you serve. He graduated from Notre Dame de Namur University with a BA in Business Management.