Marketing Accessibility on Your Campus


Presented at 4:00pm in WB IV on Thursday, November 17, 2016.



  • Christopher Phillips, EIT Accessibility Coordinator, Utah State University

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  • Length of Session: 1-hr
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  • Type of session: General Conference


How you refer to accessibility can have a big impact on perceptions the effectiveness of your efforts. The presentation will look at different strategies of branding accessibility and increasing awareness across campus.


How you refer to principles of accessibility and universal design can have a tremendous impact on how effective your efforts are. When establishing an accessibility initiative on your campus, an important step is to consider what language and branding you will use to promote awareness and understanding. The session will present findings from looking at campus accessibility across the country and best practices in promoting accessibility.


  1. A review of accessibility marketing initiatives across a number of campuses.
  2. Effectiveness of different accessibility awareness efforts.
  3. How you can learn from others to effectively market accessibility.

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Administrative/Campus Policy

Speaker Bio(s)

Christopher Phillips

Christopher Phillips is the Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Coordinator at Utah State University. He is responsible for making sure campus electronic and information technology is accessible and he is currently focused creative ideas and solutions to implement more inclusive digital experiences.

He brings his previous worked in special education, instructional design, web development and product management to accessibility work.