Importance of end-user testing in accessible media capstone research

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Presented at 9:15am in Cotton Creek II on Friday, November 22, 2019.



  • Jennifer Curry Jahnke, Professor / Coordinator, Mohawk College

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  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: All Levels
  • Type of session: General Conference


This presentation will explore the importance of end-user and persona testing as part of the Mohawk College's Accessible Media Production students' capstone applied research projects on creating accessible media content. The presentation will cover both end-user testing and developing personas as part of the applied research process.


The Accessible Media Production program graduate students, in collaboration with industry partners and funded by the Ontario Centre for Excellence (OCE) grants, are completing applied research projects that explore ways for industry to meet accessibility legislation requirements. Throughout the evidence-based, applied research process, the students are to connect and collaborate with industry experts and members of the disability community, following the philosophy of 'nothing about us, without us'. Setting up end-user testing and developing personas is vital to the success of their project. This talk will look at a few of the capstone projects, the process for setting up the end-user testing, and outcomes of the research. Attendees will gain insight into the importance of end-user testing for accessibility as well as how to set it up.


  1. Examine an evidence-based approach to the applied research process
  2. Explore the importance of end-user accessibility testing
  3. Evaluate the process for developing and using personas for accessibility testing

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Assistive Technology, Research, Teaching about Accessibility in Curriculum, Uncategorized, Web/Media Access

Speaker Bio(s)

Jennifer Curry Jahnke

Professor and Coordinator for Mohawk College’s Accessible Media Production graduate certificate program, micro-credentials and Accessibility Research Lab. Former AODA Project Manager and ALS Case Manager/Counsellor at Mohawk College, Jennifer brings 30 years of experience working in the disability community. A graduate of CSUN’s Communicative Disorder’s program (with a career in the field of speech, language, and AAC), CDA post-graduate diploma, ASL Interpreter/Communicator diploma and Deaf-Blind Intervenor. Jennifer is a member of the AODA’s Education Standard Development Committee and K-12 & PSE Transition Committee, member of several AODA Advisory Committees and UDL Standards Committee.

Previous recipient of the Applied Research in Innovation and Education (ARIE) grant, eCampus grant, Broadcasting Accessibility Fund (BAF) grant, SSHRC PEG and several OCE/NSERC grants, Jennifer is passionate about researching, learning and speaking about assistive technologies to support learning, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and creating accessible media content.