How can campus-wide digital technologies (such as wayfinding, digital signage &a; self-service kiosks) be made accessible?


Presented at 11:15am in Governors Square 15 on Wednesday, November 17, 2021.



  • Laura Miller, Director of Business Development, Vispero

Session Details

  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Interactive/Discussion
  • Expertise Level: All Levels
  • Type of session: General Conference


Digital technologies such as wayfinding, bill payment kiosks, information kiosks, interactive digital signage, library catalog kiosks & more, abound on college campuses. This interactive discussion will focus on how accessibility experts can insert themselves into these projects both proactively and retroactively to ensure that they are accessible.


This interactive discussion will focus on digital technologies and closed systems around college campuses. These technologies are typically found in libraries, admission offices, bursar offices, around campus public spaces, and in on campus restaurants or retail stores.

Attendees will be asked to bring an example (can be a photo or just a description) of a closed technology system used on their campus. If no attendee examples are offered, photos with text description will be provided to prompt conversation.

Are the currently deployed technologies “accessible” for students, staff, and visitors with disabilities? If yes, what makes them accessible? If they are not accessible, what can be done to make them accessible? ADA requirements will be discussed as well as kiosk accessibility and closed system best practices.

This will be discussion-based brainstorming on how to create positive change in the accessibility of these deployments and what changes will make an impact.


  1. There are many on-campus technologies encountered daily that cause accessibility barriers.
  2. Get involved in the deployment of these technologies early enough to create an accessible path for users.
  3. Understand how to create wayfinding, self service kiosks & interactive digital experiences that are accessible

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Speaker Bio(s)

Laura Miller

Laura Boniello Miller brings a wealth of experience in the area of kiosk system software and hardware, having spent six years in the kiosk industry across vertical markets such as: museums, libraries, higher education, health care, government, and more. She is a Corporate Business Development Manager for the JAWS Kiosk program at Vispero, parent company of TPGi and Freedom Scientific, to name a few. She writes & speaks prolifically on all things kiosk-accessibility related. Prior to her move to the kiosk industry, Miller spent 5 years working in Higher Education Admission at Franklin & Marshall College. She graduated from Yale University (BA) and the University of Pennsylvania (MS) studying Organizational Behavior and Educational Leadership.


Making Campus wide interactive digital technology accessible