Coordinating Captioning Efforts on Campus – Three Perspectives


Presented at 11:30am in Matchless on Wednesday, November 8, 2023.



  • Annissa Stout, Accessible Content & Media Coordinator, University of Arizona
  • Sarah Herpst, Accessibility Analyst, Indiana University
  • Rachel Levin, Digital Accessibility Services Manager, University of Colorado - Boulder

Session Details

  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: All Levels
  • Type of session: General Conference


In this presentation, three captioning coordinators will share their unique perspectives and best practices when working to coordinate and promote captioning efforts on their campuses. Additionally, they will be sharing technical knowledge gained through their combined research efforts.


Coordinating and promoting captioning efforts on a university campus can be a daunting task. Each university has a unique approach to providing captioning services for accommodation. We will walk through the processes we've worked together on to evaluate potential captioning vendors for our campuses. We have collaborated on the evaluation of multiple vendors and are excited to share our process. With evaluations in hand, we have been able to work internally on each of our campuses to leverage the existing tools our universities have to create a more efficient captioning process. Additionally, by investing in relationships with other departments and entities on campus, we strengthen overall captioning efforts and culture around promoting an inclusive campus environment. Come learn from staff who specialize in captioning services from three different universities as we share our unique campus experiences coordinating captioning efforts and the best practices we have learned along the way.


  1. Leverage built in features of your available tools to increase your efficiency.
  2. Invest in relationships with other departments on campus that have a stake in captioning efforts.
  3. Perform quality control on results received from captioning vendors

Disability Areas

Cognitive/Learning, Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Topic Areas

Accessible Course Design, Accessible Educational Materials, Captioning/Transcription, Uncategorized

Speaker Bio(s)

Annissa Stout

Annissa has worked in disability services for almost 15 years. She started as a student employee in document conversion and took on the role of the document conversion coordinator at the Disability Resource Center after graduating from the University of Arizona. Since that time she has received her degree in Higher Education from Northern Arizona University and is now the Accessible Content & Media Coordinator overseeing both document conversion and video captioning.

Sarah Herpst

Sarah Herpst is an Accessibility Analyst at Indiana University. She specializes in captioning, transcription, video description services, Canvas course review, and alternative media production. Sarah received her CPACC certification in June of 2019 and holds bachelor’s degrees from Alma College in Philosophy and Political science. She received her master’s degree in Communication and Information Sciences (CICS) from Ball State University in 2013.

Rachel Levin

Rachel manages the campus captioning service and the Qualtrics accessibility exceptions process for the CU Boulder campus. Before joining CU, she worked at Emerson College in instructional technology, after earning her BA in Visual & Media Arts.