Alt Text Pipeline Production Process


Scheduled at 9:00am in Meadowbrook I on Tuesday, November 14 (2017).



  • Wink Harner, Assistive Technology Consultant, The Foreign Type
  • Susan Kelmer, Alternate Format Access Coordinator, University of Colorado/Boulder

Session Details

  • Length of Session: 5-6-hr
  • Format: Lab
  • Expertise Level: Intermediate
  • Type of session: Pre-conference


Creating a pipeline for alternative text production will serve to streamline the process of selecting the appropriate production format for alternative text and creating a workflow with links to HOW-TO GUIDES for easy access to actual production steps.


This workshop presentation is designed for the newcomers to disability services & for those who may be new to or need a quick refresher guide on creating an efficient workflow pipeline for alt text production, from linking the type of disability & the type of alt text needed, finding source files, to identifying what production output is needed, what software is recommended for different types of alt text production, to how to save, archive, and distribute the texts. For each “pipe” in the pipeline –PDF, e-book, tagged PDF, Word, Audio, Math, Science(s), text-to-speech, screen-reader (JAWS or NVDA), and Braille, for example, clear paths for choosing the steps for the designated output types will be presented. The focus of this lab is on teaching how to create the production pipeline, for each alt-text output type presented, an extensive set of HOW-TO GUIDE links will be embedded throughout the PPT presentation in our workshop as well as listed in the endnotes.


  1. Create workflow pipelines by alt text type needed & strategies to create accessible docs in multiple formats
  2. Iidentify production paths for the most common types of alt text; learn to choose appropriate software;
  3. Create production path to remediate for Math, Science(s), PDF, MSWord, EBooks, TTS and Screen Readers

Disability Areas

Cognitive/Learning, Vision

Topic Areas

Alternate Format, Assistive Technology, Uncategorized

Speaker Bio(s)

Wink Harner

Wink Harner - Has been an active member of ATHEN for a number of years and is currently serving on the Executive Board as Member-At-Large. Wink was recently invited as the keynote speaker for the 2019 Texas AHEAD conference. She is the former director of disability services at Mesa Community College in Arizona, the Adaptive Technology Specialist for the DR office at Southern Oregon University, and is currently doing freelance adaptive technology consulting and highly specialized alternative text conversions in math, sciences and foreign languages. She has been a professor of multiple languages for more than 25 years and since August 2016, she has been teaching the assistive technology in higher education core courses for CUNY's Masters in Disability Studies Program.

Susan Kelmer

Susan Kelmer is the Alternate Format Access Coordinator for Disability Services at the University of Colorado Boulder. She has worked for more than fifteen years to assist students with print disabilities in accessing print materials of all kinds. She has presented multiple sessions at the Accessing Higher Ground Conference and the COLTT conference over the last 12 years. She is currently the Co-Chair of the Access Technologists Higher Education Subcommittee (ATHES) of the Colorado-Wyoming Consortium of Support Programs for Students with Disabilities, and is currently an active member and past secretary of the Access Technologists Higher Education Network (ATHEN).


Alt Format Pipeline resource docuents and PPT