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Friday’s Grid Schedule 2014 – (Switch to Linear Format)

Friday - November 21, 2014
TimeWaverlyCotton Creek IStandley I LabMeadowbrook IStandley II LabMeadowbrook IICotton Creek IIWindsor
8:00 a.m. Solving the Note-Taking Problem: How to Effectively Use Technology Solutions , Scott Marfilius, Marfilius Consulting
Dave Tucker, Sonocent
[Virtual Track A]

Training Your Dragon to Speak Math, Wink Harner, The Foreign Type

PDFs and accessibility, Gian Wild, AccessibilityOz

[Virtual Track B]

Web Accessibility: issue detection, evaluation, demonstration and resolution., Tonu Mikk, University of Minnesota

Accessibility: What's in It for All of Us? CANCELLED, Angela Hooker, Microsoft

Implementing Accessibility Strategically at Your Organization, Lydia Harkey, Texas A&M Commerce

Best Practices for Post-Production & Emerging Forms of Audio Description, Robert Pearson, Accessible Media Inc.

9:15 a.m.Digital Accessibility Maturity Model: Measuring Program Progress in a Complex World, Kim Phillips, Level Access

Creating, Implementing and Supporting a Web Accessibility Policy at Purdue University, Dean Brusnighan, Purdue University

[Virtual Track A]

Train Your Dragon to Speak Math Cont’d Testing Mainstream eReader ePub3 Accessibility, Rick Johnson, VitalSource Technologies, LLC.

[Virtual Track B]

Web Accessibility Lab cont'd Voice Dream Reader - the app that will change your student's academic lives, Sarah Metivier, Illinois State University

Assessing a Student for Assistive Technology Needs, Leyna Bencomo, Community College of Denver

Mining the Process: Alt-Text Services in Small Shops , KimBoo York, Florida State University

10:30 a.m.Electronic Mentoring Recruitment, Retention and Success in BreakThru, Chris Langston, Pearson

Color Accessibility on the Web: Concepts and Testing Tools, Greg Kraus, Interactive Accessibility

[Virtual Track A]

ďAsk the ExpertsĒ - A one-hour open lab session focused on getting your questions answered! Starting a Web Accessibility Program at Your Institution, Mark Hale, The University of Iowa

[Virtual Track B]

Webinars and Web Conferencing: Technical VS Functional Accessibility, Norm Coombs, EASI

Building Accessibly with WordPress, Joe Dolson, Accessible Web Design

11:45 a.m. Videos and Accessibility: Choosing & configuring an accessible player, Gian Wild, AccessibilityOz

[Virtual Track A]

20,000 pages and Counting: Improving Accessibility of Files Delivered by LMS (Learning Management Systems), Krista Greear, Blackboard

[Virtual Track B]

Designing for accessibility when there's not enough time, Justin Stockton, Devis

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