Risk Analysis and Portfolio Prioritization for Higher Ed

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Scheduled at 9:15am in Cotton Creek I on Friday, November 16.



  • Beth Crutchfield, Vice President of Strategic Consulting and Training Services, Level Access

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  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: Beginner
  • Type of session: General Conference


This session will provide an overview of how to: • inventory your digital assets • evaluate your digital assets based on key risk factors • prioritize your digital assets for remediation • establish a prioritization plan for remediation


Are you in the process of setting up a Digital Accessibility Program and struggling with where to start your remediation activities? Are you struggling to understand what is in scope for remediation? Do you have a view of your digital assets but do not know where to start or worse, no view of your digital assets at present?

In our Risk Analysis and Portfolio Prioritization session, Level Access will focus on helping you navigate the path to identifying at-risk assets, prioritizing those assets and defining a prioritization plan to drive remediation across your institution. Key factors that should be evaluated as you build your prioritization plan will also be shared thus ensuring you have a robust approach defined to structure your remediation related activities.


  1. Overview of the recommended approach for addressing a complex remediation program within your institution
  2. Key factors to consider as you evaluate your digital assets – including laws, regs and technical requirements
  3. Building a Risk Analysis and Portfolio Prioritization plan, what to include to protect your institution

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Speaker Bio(s)

Beth Crutchfield

As Vice President of Strategic Consulting and Training Services, Beth Crutchfield brings nearly 20 years of program management and policy implementation experience to the Consulting and Training teams at Level Access. Beth has extensive experience working on managing and driving resolution for clients on the terms of Consent Decrees and Office of Civil Rights (OCR) complaints. Her deep regulatory knowledge extends beyond the Digital Accessibility space as she holds many certifications. Beth has extensive experience with testing, remediation, risk profile analysis, structuring remediation programs and building long term Digital Accessibility strategies. While she has significant experience in the financial services industry, she currently leads much of Level Access’ work in the education vertical. Outside of work, Beth remains active in the disability advocacy community in her hometown of Richmond, VA.