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Tips for using a Screen Reader with Adobe Connect

Links to urls that provide tips for navigating Adobe Connect via the keyboard

Connect keyboard tips via Adobe

(keyboard shortcuts are also pasted below)


Tips for Navigating the Connect Player

In testing access to the Connect Player (this includes the various pods that make up the interface – multimedia player, slide presentation, chat, etc.) with JAWS, I have found the following tips helpful for accessing the content:

  • Navigating Pods – the Cntr-F6 command (move to next pod) does not always work when first accessing the Connect player interface. Tab a couple of times and then try the Cntr-F6 command.

  • Unlabeled buttons – a couple of graphic buttons and/or graphics in the “events index” pod are not labeled. Simply tab past these first items – they’re not important. Press Cntr-F6 to get to the next pod which should be the “video” or “sharing” pod.

  • Play/Pause – To access the multimedia player itself, press the JAWS pass-through key (insert-3) and then press ‘p’. This is the only way I have found to access the play/pause button. The ‘p’ command will either start or stop the recording depending on its current state.

  • Moving the timeline control –¬†once you access the “play/pause” button, press tab once to move to the slider widget. You can move the playback timeline forward or back using the right or left arrows. However, there is no feedback via the screenreader on the video location, only the percentage that the slider has moved along the total recording. Make sure to press the [space] after moving the timeline pointer. This moves the actual video up to the timeline pointer. Pressing play without pressing [space] will result in the video starting from its original location.

  • Getting stuck in the player pod – my testing indicates that you can often become stuck in the player pod segment of the interface. In other words, Cntr-F6 fails to take you back to the other pods. In this situation I’ve found reloading the page is the only solution for this glitch.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts for presenter content in the Share pod

Result –¬†Windows and Mac OS

Start/Stop Desktop Sharing Ctrl+[ (Windows) or Command+[ (Mac OS)
Next page/slide Page Up or Right Arrow
Previous page/slide Page Down or Left Arrow
Play/Pause P
Stop S
Mute M
Change view F