One size does not fit all: Exploring the boundaries of design & inclusive ux

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Presented at 11:15am in WB II on Wednesday, November 16, 2016.



  • Denis Boudreau, Principal web accessiblity consultant, Deque Systems

Session Details

  • Length of Session: 1-hr
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  • Type of session: General Conference


Actionable insights on current design trends to help create experiences that emotionally resonate, are beautifully engaging, and yet, delightfully accessible.


People with disabilities are one of the Web’s largest minority group, with some 56 million people in the United States alone. Yet, what are we doing to accommodate their needs in our designs and interactions? When was the last time the personas we created accounted for user characteristics such as not being able to see, hear, or easily process information? Combining principles of universal design with the very idea of designing for the extremes, we can create experiences on the web that meet the expectations of the many by closely looking into the needs of the few. This session will look at current design trends, and provide actionable insights that will not only help you design experiences that emotionally resonate and are beautifully engaging, but also are delightfully accessible.


  1. A in-depth look at 5 design trends, and the impact thees trends have on people with various disabilities
  2. Ready to use, practical accessibility tips and tricks you can integrate into your design strategy today
  3. A new outlook on what it means to design content that can truly reach everyone on the Web

Disability Areas

Cognitive/Learning, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Mobility, Other, Vision

Topic Areas

Accessible Course Design, Web/Media/App Access

Speaker Bio(s)

Denis Boudreau

Denis is a Montreal-based Principal Web Accessibility Consultant and Strategist, working for Deque Systems, and a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in the Education and Outreach Working Group. He has been advocating social inclusion on the Web for the past 16 years, and has been running the annual a11yMTL conference in Montreal, Canada since 2010. An admitted nerd with an unhealthy fixation on UX and digital inclusion and a perpetual itch to use his passport, Denis has a passion for design that emotionally resonates, is beautifully engaging, and delightfully accessible. When Denis is not busy making the Web more accessible to everyone, he enjoys public speaking, table-top role-playing games and taking naps to rebuild his introvert bubble.