Microlearning for Accessibility: Supporting Cognitive Disabilities Across Campus

Scheduled at 9:15am in Mattie Silks on Thursday, November 9.



  • Erin Evans, Director of Accessibility, Magic EdTech
  • Laura Hakala, Director of Online Program Design and Efficacy, Magic EdTech

Session Details

  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Interactive/Discussion
  • Expertise Level: Beginner
  • Type of session: General Conference


This session will define microlearning and explain how it supports cognitive disabilities. We will demonstrate this through a live course. We will also share a template and provide practical uses to support students and faculty across campus.


What is microlearning and why is it important in the context of accessibility? In this session, we will explain how microlearning can support users with cognitive disabilities and show a microlearning course. We will provide ways in which existing courses could be modified into microlearning to accommodate students. Further, we will extend this methodology to support your roles as accessibility specialists and advocates in two ways:

  • Supporting students. When you are remediating content for students with disabilities, do you, as an accessibility specialist, have flexibility to make it into a microlearning course?
  • Supporting staff. Microlearning is a powerful training tool and can augment your existing training programs. Take the knowledge you already have on accessibility and transform it into microlearning courses to share with faculty and staff.


  1. Understand how microlearning can support users with cognitive disabilities.
  2. Consider how to modify existing content into microlearning as accommodations for students.
  3. Understand how to utilize microlearning to support professional development for accessibility best practices.

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Speaker Bio(s)

Erin Evans

Erin has worked in educational publishing for more than 20 years. She has a passion for helping others understand why providing accessible digital solutions is so important and helping them to break down the work to achieve compliance. She has facilitated and advised on the creation of inclusive, universally designed, and accessible learning experiences for all learners across many clients and platforms.

Laura Hakala

Laura is an experienced director with nearly 20 years of experience in developing and managing educational content. She is adept at leading large-scale content programs, problem-solving, and strategic planning. She is highly skilled at digital product development and ensuring that all programs are engaging for the users while delivering on the promised learning outcomes. Laura is a passionate DE&I advocate, dedicated to furthering her knowledge and skills through reading, research, and education.