Improving student adoption of note taking technology

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Presented at 3:00pm in Virtual C on Thursday, November 12, 2020.



  • Katherine Hamilton, Content and Community Manager , Sonocent

Session Details

  • Length of Session: 45 minutes
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: All Levels
  • Type of session: Pre-conference


After surveying over 200 colleges, 78% of Disability Support professionals who had failed to implement AT said it was due to a lack of student engagement with technology. Some assistive technologies can seem too complex or time-consuming to learn. Sonocent explores how collaborating with students with disabilities has improved adoption of Glean.


How does adoption affect compliance, admin workload, student outcomes?

In our State of the Nation survey, we asked these questions and more. We found that student adoption was a concern for 78% of Disability Support professionals, as AT had failed due to a lack of student engagement. Students shared that learning to use AT took too much time or seemed too complex.

Adoption is a concern as note taking technology is used to provide compliant accommodations for equitable access to content. Moreover, note taking is directly linked to student outcomes with studies on the ‘forgetting curve’ showing that without reviewing good notes students only recall up to 20% of information from class.

This talk explores the process we undertook to research the challenges faced by AT professionals in improving student adoption of technology. We will review how our new web app, Glean, has been designed with a fresh take on onboarding and adoption to support students and support professionals alike.


  1. Research shows that 78% of Disability Support professionals believe student adoption of AT to be a concern.
  2. Onboarding and implementation processes for technology need addressing to improve student engagement with AT
  3. Sonocent worked with students and support professionals to design a new onboarding process in Glean

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Cognitive/Learning, Mobility, Psychological, Vision

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Speaker Bio(s)

Katherine Hamilton

Katherine is Glean’s Brand Manager, focusing on how we can help every learner to have the confidence and ability to build useful knowledge in an age of information overload. Glean (formerly Sonocent) creates inclusive note taking solutions that empower 100,000+ users across 500 institutions to reach their potential in and out of the classroom. Katherine’s vision is to shape Glean as more than just a technology company but instead a driver of real social change in diverse learning environments. Katherine has previously spoken at COE, AHEAD, ATIA, AHG, and CSUN conferences about improving equity and the relationship between note taking and learning.


  • AHG 2020 Slides (PDF)

    Slides with links to research and trialing Glean.

    Slides with links to research and trialing Glean.