Future of Accessibility Guidelines for Web and ICT

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Presented at 8:00am in Westminster I on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.



  • Jeanne Spellman, Co-chair of W3C Silver Community Group and Task Force, Tetralogical

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  • Length of Session: 1-hr
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See the progress on next major version of W3C Accessibility Guidelines that will be the successor of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). See the prototypes with improved usability, examples of WCAG guidance written in simple language, and more flexible conformance. Give your feedback on the direction of this major revision.


The W3C has begun work on the next major version of accessibility guidelines that will be the successor to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

The Silver Task Force was formed research the way people use WCAG and the areas where improvement was needed. The Silver Task Force and the Silver Community Group partnered with academics and corporate researchers. The research has been used to identify needs for improvement in the WCAG 2.x structure. In 2018, 27 international leaders in digital accessibility attended the Silver Design Sprint and brainstormed solutions to the problems identified by the research. Their ideas and potential solutions have been transformed into prototypes. It's time to show the work to a broader audience and receive more feedback.

Give your feedback and help shape the future of accessibility guidelines.


  1. The Silver project is a proposal and the decisions are not final.
  2. There is still room for public input to change the direction of the project.
  3. Educators are an important stakeholder group who are consumers of accessibility guidelines.

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Speaker Bio(s)

Jeanne Spellman

Jeanne Spellman is currently contracting for Tetralogical and for The Paciello Group (TPG), as a Senior Accessibility Engineer. She is phasing into retirement. Jeanne is a co-facilitator of the Silver Task Force of the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group and a co-chair of the Silver Community Group. Silver is a project of the W3C Accessibility Guidelines Working Group to develop the next major version of WCAG. Jeanne worked for the W3C from 2008-2015 as Web Accessibility Engineer. She was the team contact for the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group and the Mobile Accessibility Task Force. Prior to joining W3C, Jeanne worked as an independent web developer and accessibility consultant. Jeanne has developed accessible web sites and has evaluated web pages for accessibility in a variety of technologies. Jeanne has worked with major corporations to develop and train designers, developers, quality assurance engineers and project managers in accessibility techniques.


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