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Friday Grid Schedule 2015 – (Switch to Linear Format)

Friday - November 20,2015
TimeWaverlyMeadowbrook I
(Virtual Track A)
Standley I LabCotton Creek I
(Virtual Track B)
Standley II LabMeadowbrook IICotton Creek IIWindsor
8:00 a.m.Where Copyright and Accessibility Law Collide: Captioning Videos in which You Don't Hold the Copyright, Blake Reid, Colorado Law

E-Learning Accessibility: What Does an Instructor Need to Know?, Sheryl Burgstahler, University of Washington

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Inroads to Math Accessibility: A Hands-On Workshop to Creating Accessible Math, Wink Harner, The Foreign Type

Motivating Accessibility Adoption on Campus, Janet Sedgley, University of Montana

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The WAI to Web Accessibility, Sharron Rush, Knowbility

5 Keys for Implementing Accessibility in Your Team, Angela Hooker, Microsoft

How to Design PowerPoint Presentations Which are EASY to Create While Enhancing Accessible, Clear Communication, Norm Coombs, EASI

Qualitative Research in Web Accessibility and Academic Libraries, Adina Mulliken, Hunter College, CUNY

9:15 a.m.Film Screening: #a11y: Making the Web Work for Everyone, Chris Higgins,

When the DoJ/OCR makes a visit: Campus leaders discuss lessons learned in resolving complaints about inaccessible IT, Sheryl Burgstahler, University of Washington

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Inroads to Math Accessibility lab continues Taking on the elephant in the room: Implementing innovative procurement processes in a large University system, Tom Siechert, California State University, Fresno

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The WAI continues Carrying away small stones - Strategies for successfully starting a web accessibility initiative, Jiatyan Chen, Stanford University

A virtual approach to providing assistive technology in education, Simon Dermer, eSSENTIAL Accessibility

Addressing Accessibility in Angular.js applications, Justin Stockton, Devis

10:30 a.m.Film Screening: #a11y: Making the Web Work for Everyone, Chris Higgins,

When the DOJ/OCR makes a visit continues Voicing Math Homework With MathTalk –From Setup to Printing, Nancilu McClellan, Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc.

Getting Mainstream Publishers onto the Accessibility Bandwagon: Why STEM & commercial publishers avoid accessibility, Bevi Chagnon, PubCom—Publishing Communications

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Creating Accessible Video Feedback for Distance Learning Students — A Collaboration Between Instructor and Instructional, Julie Fuller, University of North Florida

The Elephant on Campus: Captioning, Deb Castiglione, Cengage
(Moved from Wednesday 8:00 time slot)

Accessibility Testing: Bridging the Gap between Developers and End Users, Phyllis Petteys, Portland Community College

Collaborative development of a MOOC on digital accessibility, Sebastian Kelle, HdM Stuttgart

11:45 a.m.Universal Design for Library Instruction, Melissa Green, University of Alabama

Fostering a Course Accessibility Community of Practice, Matt Dingo, Ohio University

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Creating Audio-Tactiles on the Fly, Alexa Schriempf, Penn State University

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Good for the goose, good for the gander: Enhancing learning opportunities for all students through video captioning, Elizabeth Tu, San Jose State University

How Campus Partners Engage and Inspire Faculty to Create Accessible Online Courses, Aisha Haynes, University of South Carolina - Columbia

Accessible Virtual World Interfaces, Don Merritt, University of Central Florida