Federating Repositories of Accessible Materials for Higher Education (FRAME): A new collaborative framework




  • Bill Kasdorf, Principal, Kasdorf & Associates, LLC

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FRAME is a Mellon-funded collaboration between the libraries and DSOs at seven leading universities, four of their presses, and three key repositories: Bookshare, the Internet Archive, and HathiTrust. It is developing a federated repository of remediated content and source materials to dramatically increase access and reduce the burden on DSOs.


FRAME (Federating Repositories of Accessible Materials for Higher Education) is a Mellon-funded collaboration between the libraries and the Disability Services Offices (DSO) at seven universities (Virginia, George Mason, Illinois, Northern Arizona, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, and Wisconsin), the university presses at four of them, and three major repositories: Bookshare, the Internet Archive, and the HathiTrust. It is a two-year, Mellon-funded project that is developing a federated repository for both remediated content and resources to remediate, providing unified search across all participating repositories and all content contributed by the participating universities. When the project is complete, the resulting repository and supporting infrastructure will be made available for other colleges and universities to join. The goal is to provide streamlined access to remediated resources as well as resources to remediate, dramatically improving access to accessible materials and significantly reducing the burden on DSOs.


  1. The work of DSOs can be dramatically streamlined through collaboration.
  2. By federating key repositories of content, materials can be made much easier to obtain.
  3. Academic libraries can have a greater role in collaborating with DSOs in their institutions.

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Bill Kasdorf

Bill Kasdorf, kasdorf.bill@gmail.com, is Principal of Kasdorf & Associates, LLC, a consultancy focusing on editorial and production workflows, XML/HTML/EPUB modeling, standards and best practices, and accessibility. He is a founding partner of Publishing Technology Partners. Bill is active in the W3C Publishing@W3C activity and serves as the W3C Global Publishing Evangelist. He is a member of NISO and co-chairs two NISO Working Groups. He is a member of SSP, BISG, IPTC, and the DAISY Consortium. He is the recipient of the SSP Distinguished Service Award. He is general editor of The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing and serves on the editorial board of Learned Publishing. Consulting clients have included societies such as NEJM, NAP, and ACP; university presses at MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, Toronto, and Columbia; publishers such as SAGE, Norton, and Pearson; and organizations such as the Cochrane Library, OCLC, ORCID, and the EU Publishing Office.


FRAME--Federating Repositories (Kasdorf) 11-19-20 (PDF)