Engaging faculty in the creation of accessible course content

Scheduled at 8:00am in Westminster I on Thursday, November 21.



  • Megan Wuebker, Instructional Designer, University of Cincinnati

Session Details

  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: Beginner
  • Type of session: General Conference


This session will discuss lessons learned form a pilot of Blackboard Ally. I will also share how we have been able to use this information to engage our faculty in making their course content more accessible as part of a broader university accessibility initiative.


In Spring 2018, we conducted a pilot of Blackboard Ally as part of a broader commitment to ensure the accessibility of our digital content. There were many positive results, including significant accessibility increases in the pilot courses. Valuable hands-on experience in making documents accessible empowered faculty, resulting in an unexpected but noteworthy benefit. I will discuss how we worked with faculty to address the barriers to creating accessible content: time, skills, and resources. I will also discuss how this pilot drove course content accessibility and a university-wide rollout of Ally. I will also share our plan for broader faculty engagement and development moving forward.


  1. Identify challenges to faculty engagement in the creation of accessible course content
  2. Explain solutions that result in faculty engagement in the creation of accessible course content
  3. Understand the faculty perspective on creation of accessible content in conjunction with a well-supported tool

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Speaker Bio(s)

Megan Wuebker

Megan Wuebker has her Ph.D. in Higher Education and Education Policy. Dr. Wuebker is a member of the Accessibility Network at UC, a team supporting eAccessiblity across procurement, course content, and the web. As an instructional designer with an accessibility and inclusivity focus, Dr. Wuebker works with faculty and staff to improve accessibility of course content. Most recently, she led a pilot of Blackboard Ally as well as a university-wide implementation of the tool. Dr. Wuebker was an invited eAccessibility panelist at the 2018 DT&L Conference and has presented on accessibility, faculty engagement, and instructional design at national conferences.