Collaboration Room: Bring Your Accessibility Questions

Presented at 10:30am in WB II on Friday, November 22, 2019.



  • Robert Beach, Assistive Technology Specialist, Kansas City KS Comm. Col.
  • Gaeir Dietrich, Access Specialist, Consultant
  • Susan Kelmer, Alternate Format Production Program Manager, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Terrill Thompson, technology accessibility specialist, University of Washington
  • Joseph Polizzotto, Alternate Media Supervisor, UC Berkeley

Session Details

  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Panel
  • Expertise Level: Beginner
  • Type of session: General Conference


Do you have accessibility questions? This is the place for you. A team of experienced and knowledgeable individuals will be available to assist in finding answers to questions on a wide range of accessibility topics. This is not a lecture, presentation or panel discussion. This is a conversation session on the topics you want to know about.


This session is a chance for you to bring a bothersome accessibility question to a group of knowledgeable and experienced individuals. They will work with you to find answers that you can take back to your institution and work with. Topics such as web accessibility, document accessibility, PDF remediation, assistive technology and mobile apps, etc. are welcome. Take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate with others to find answers and solutions. The speakers will do their best to assist in the process.


  1. Participants will have a chance to network with others in the field of accessibility.
  2. Participants will have the chance to collaborate with others on their own accessibility issues.
  3. Participants will learn about resources they can use to research accessibility problems they may encounter in

Disability Areas

Topic Areas


Speaker Bio(s)

Robert Beach

Robert has been the Assistive Technology Specialist at Kansas City Kansas Community College since January of 1994. He is a member of AHEAD and ATHEN. He currently serves on the ATHEN Executive Board as a Member at Large Representative, is the current president of KAN-AHEAD and is on the Advisory Council for the Assistive Technology for Kansans Project. He has presented several sessions at previous Accessing Higher Ground conferences as well as other regional and national conferences.

Gaeir Dietrich

Gaeir Dietrich is a consultant and trainer on access, assistive technology, alternate media, universal design, and Section 508 compliance. She is the former director of the High Tech Center Training Unit (HTCTU) of the California community colleges. While at the HTCTU, Gaeir provided trainings on alternate media, assistive technology, web accessibility, legal issues, and Section 508 compliance. Gaeir has served on the advisory boards for AHEAD, Bookshare, the DIAGRAM Center, the Alternate Text Production Center (ATPC), the Access Text Network (ATN), and the Silicon Valley Independent Living Center (SVILC). In 2010-2011, she served as the chair for the Federal Advisory Commission on Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) in Postsecondary Education, which delivered a consensus congressional report. She is a contributing author to Beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act, published by NASPA.

Susan Kelmer

Ms. Kelmer has been working with alternate format and accessible technology for nearly 20 years in a higher education environment. Currently she works at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Alternate Format Production and Access Center, where alternate format materials for students are produced. She also consults with other departments on campus and other campuses about alternate format and how to produce it. She has presented at multiple AHG conferences in the last sixteen years.

Terrill Thompson

Terrill Thompson is technology accessibility specialist with the University of Washington. In this role, he works to promote information technology accessibility by giving trainings, developing resources, providing consultation and support, and conducting research. He does this for the UW community as part of UW-IT Accessible Technology Services (, and does it for the rest of the world through The DO-IT Center (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, & Technology, Terrill has over twenty years' experience in the IT accessibility field, and has presented at numerous conferences and consulted widely with organizations in education, government, and private industry on IT accessibility issues.

Joseph Polizzotto

Joseph is the Alternate Media Supervisor at UC Berkeley. He previously was Assistive Technology Specialist Instructor at the High Tech Center Training Unit (HTCTU) of the California Community Colleges. His research interests include accessible EPUB 3 and mobile reading systems.