Browser Extension to Support College Learning

Presented at 10:30am in Plaza Court 4 on Friday, November 19, 2021.



  • Catherine M. Stager, Assistive Technology Specialist, FRCC BCC
  • Jeff Vickery, Assistive Technology Support, FRCC BCC
  • Dustin Raiken, Assistive Technology Assistant, FRCC BCC

Session Details

  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: All Levels
  • Type of session: General Conference


Explore browser extensions and their support for users with disabilities. As AT, some browser extensions greatly improve access to information for folks with disabilities. This hands-on session will offer experience with extensions that have helped students at Front Range Community College as well as the "Getting Started Guides" for AT at Home.


Join us for a lab where we explore the potential offered by browser extensions. During this session we will introduce you to some of the extensions that have been helpful to the students at Front Range Community College. Play with some of the options to see how tools offered via Chrome or Firefox extensions can support readers with dyslexia, folks with ADHD, students who like help staying on track and those who like a simpler reading environment. Experiment with how the extensions can customize your dark mode experience, or how they can help you stay organized. In addition to exploring the extensions, we will share our Getting Started Guides that discuss extensions and other computer features that can help users with disabilities. This series of short documents features an overview of the topic, some of the features and where to find out more about them.


  1. Browser extensions offer a free or low cost way to support students especially in the online environment.
  2. Introductory guides can help students independently explore options to support their learning.
  3. For some users, browser extensions can increase the usability of LMS environments such as D2L.

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Speaker Bio(s)

Catherine M. Stager

Cath has specialized in assistive technology, universal design, web accessibility and creating access to Academia and technology for over twenty years. She has worked with students, faculty and staff at both Colorado State University and University of Colorado-Boulder and has presented regionally and nationally on Universal Design, Accessibility, Assistive Technology and Disability Rights, Responsibilities & Accommodations within Higher Education for Students with Disabilities

Cath is one of the founding members of the Assistive Technology Higher Education Network (ATHEN) ( She is a Certified Usability Analyst and a lifelong learner. She is a long-time supporter/presenter for the Accessing Higher Ground: Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference. Cath currently is an Assistive Technology Specialist at Front Range Community College Boulder County Campus.

In addition to being passionate about accessibility, Cath loves to take walks, to go hiking or camping, and to spend time with family and friends!

Jeff Vickery

Jeff Vickery has a long history of working with computer hardware and support. He has become an avid supporter of assistive technology and accessibility. As a person with disabilities, he offers very good insight into the challenges students can face and how computers can help all users.

Dustin Raiken

Dustin has been creating the Getting Started Guides for two years. Taking his first job with Disability Support Services at Front Range Community College, Dustin's skills with assistive technology soon blossomed and his flare for technical writing found an outlet via our Guides. Dustin also supports web accessibility for Front Range Community College through his work on remediating PDF's that are available on the web.