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AHG 2018 Virtual Conference Instructions – Pre & Main

November 12 – 16, 2018

Instructions for Access

URL for Pre-Conference (Nov. 12-13)

(10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. MST)

The url for Monday & Tuesday’s Pre-conference is

URL for Main Conference Track A (Nov. 14-16)

The url for Track A during the main conference is:

URL for Main Conference Track B (Nov. 14-16)

The URL for Main Conference Track B is:

URL for Keynote (Nov. 15)

The URL for the Keynote session is:

Steps to Login & Enter Conference (On the day of the event)

1. Click on the URL (see above) to enter the proper Virtual track.

2. Select the radio button to Enter as a guest. ID & password are not required.


(Important: for "name", enter your first and last name and the name of your institution. Attendees who do not enter this information – i.e. enter an anonymous name – will be asked to leave the event and re-enter with an identifiable name and institution. If you’re registered as an individual and are not affiliated with an institution, you may enter your first and last name without an institution name. You can add other information, if you like, such as your title.)

Ticket Types, Site Add-on & how many places can I stream?

Individual Ticket

Play the seminar on your computer for yourself. Includes access to the captioned recording of the event afterwards. You can change locations or your computer but you can only stream from one computer at a time.

Group Ticket

Project the seminar in a meeting room or hall to as many of your colleagues as you like. You can share access to the recording of the event with any of your colleagues at your organization.
(Note: You can only host the pre-conference track at one location. With the group ticket you can stream to two locations for the main conference, one location for each track – A & B. To stream to additional locations, use the site add-on option below).

Instructions for Added Sites (i.e. Site Add-ons)

Site add-ons should follow the same instructions as above but enter the name of the main contact person for your location along with the department or division of the organization along with the name of your institution. Please make sure you do not log in from more sites than allowed according to your registration.

Note that for each site add-on you can stream the pre-conference to 1 additional location/computer and 2 locations/computers for the main conference, 1 for each track.

Date/Time of Virtual Sessions

Reminder: the first session, Bevi Chagnon's pre-conference Accessible Adobe InDesign Layouts to Produce Accessible PDFs and EPUBs  will start on Monday, Nov. 12 at 10:30 a.m. Mountain Standard Time/ 11:30 Central/ 12:30 Eastern/ 9:30 Pacific. We recommend that you connect to the event a half-hour prior to the start time to ensure you have a good connection to the stream.

View the entire pre-conference and main conference agenda, including break times, etc.

Preparation for Pre-Conference & Main Conference Labs*

*We’ll do our best to provide support during the byo device workshops and labs but make no guarantee of your ability to keep up with the pace of the class.

Monday workshop: Accessible Adobe InDesign Layouts to Produce Accessible PDFs and EPUBs

Preparation (Software and Handouts)

Student files and handouts

These will be available the weekend before the conference at

Software and OS

In the live conference classroom, we’ll use Windows versions of the software programs listed below, but those attending the virtual conference can use either Mac or Windows. The software is the same on both platforms; the only differences are how the two operating systems open, save, and print files.

Important Note! These are advanced classes; prerequisite includes basic knowledge of making layouts in Adobe InDesign.

Ensure that the versions below are used; earlier versions do not have the accessibility tools we’ll use in class or do not create fully accessible PDFs.

  • InDesign version CC:2018—13.1 (released January 2018) or CC:2019—14.0 (released October 2018).  The 7-day free trial / evaluation copy is okay, but do not install it before November 9th so that you can use it throughout the conference.
  • Acrobat Pro DC:2018 or Pro DC:2019 (released October 2018). The 7-day free trial / evaluation copy is okay, but do not install it before November 9th so that you can use it throughout the conference.

Optional Screen reader software

(helpful, but not necessary during the class)

Tuesday a.m. workshop: Understanding and Evaluating WCAG 2 Color and Contrast


  • Chrome browser
  • Colour Contrast Analyser (

Wednesday Track A Lab p.m.: Evaluating and Repairing Word and PowerPoint Files


Practice files and handouts

Posted on conference site

  • Microsoft Office (preferably 2016 or 365)
  • (Microsoft Office 2016 or later if using a Mac)

Thursday Track A Lab a.m.: What’s new in Acrobat


The training is based upon the latest version of Acrobat Pro DC and Office. You will find participation in the class easier if you have the latest version Acrobat Pro DC and Office installed on your device. If your organization does not have the latest version you can download a trial version. Note: the trial version is only good for 7 days so you will want to wait until the Friday before class (Nov. 9th) to download it. Go to:

Determining your Acrobat Version

To determine which version you have, open Acrobat, go to “Help” and select “About Adobe Acrobat Pro DC”. The version number is near the top, right under the product title. (Note: this is Acrobat Pro DC not Acrobat Reader DC – Acrobat Reader only allows you to read a PDF document, not make it accessible.)

If your organization is using Acrobat Pro DC but has not upgraded to the latest version you can also use the continuous version 20018.011.203x or later.

Office Software

It will be most helpful, although not critical, to have the latest version of Office – either Office 2016 or 365. There is new functionality in Word 2016 and 365 that makes creating accessible PDF tables easier.

Thursday Track A Lab p.m.: Making Math Accessible Doesn’t Have To Be Terrifying!


  • MS Office 2016 or later
  • MathType (30-day trial is fine. Download.)

Technical Support

If you run into problems accessing the webinar, contact Matt Siriouthay from V-CUBE via email at or by TEXT (not voice) at (952) 250-7698.

If you are not able to obtain help through the above contacts, you can also reach the conference coordinator by email at, by chat at or TEXT (not voice) at (720) 351-8668.



All our online events include real-time captioning. We are using Adobe Connect to stream the virtual confernece. The captioning will be transmitted through Adobe’s captioning pod. The video recording of the webcast will be posted with captioning following the event. (This usually takes a month to 6 weeks).

Screenreader Access

Adobe Connect is screenreader accessible, more or less, although access can sometimes be cumbersome. For those using screenreaders, we suggest consulting the following tips for accessing the Connect interface with a screenreader.

Captioning Pod & Stream – 2 choices for watching captioning

Captioning will be presented by default through the captioning pod that is part of the Adobe Connect Interface. Everyone will see this stream located below the PowerPoint/slides window. The caption pod window cannot be removed or resized.

Alternative Caption Stream

In case the caption pod crashes (this has happened rarely in the past), or if you would like to watch the captioning in a window you can resize, use the alternate captioning stream urls below.

URLs for caption streams

Testing your System

To ensure that your system is ready to access the webinar, connect to the following test site:

Watching the Webinar post-broadcast

The Virtual Conference sessions will be recorded and available with captioning (about 4 to 6 weeks) after the broadcast.