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Friday’s Grid Schedule 2013 – (Switch to Linear Format)

Friday - November 8, 2013
TimeWaverlyCotton Creek IIStandley I LabMeadowbrook IStandley II LabMeadowbrook IIWindsor
8:00 a.m.OPEN Framework for Localisation of Assistive and Online Technologies for Ease of Access, E.A. Draffan, University of Southampton
[Online Ed.] [Virtual Track A]
Ask the Experts!, Cath Stager,
[Interactive Lab Session]
The Future of Curricular Access in Postsecondary Education, Ron Stewart, AHEAD
[Curriculum Access]
Clockwork Enterprise Solutions: Disability Services Management System, Braouch Chai, Microcomputer Science Centre Inc.
(1.5 hr session - ends at 9:30 a.m.)
Testing for Accessibility – What to You Need to Know, Ken Nakata, Cryptzone
[Web Accessibility] [Virtual Track B]
Designing, Developing, and Implementing Accessibility for Efficiency: A Case study from DeVry Inc, Giovanni Duarte, DeVry Inc
[Institutional Policies/Initiatives]
9:15 a.m.How to Assess a Student for AT Needs, Leyna Bencomo, Community College of Denver
[Assistive Tech]
eText - an accessible, interactive, multimedia-capable, electronic course content delivery platform, Yury Borukhovich, University of Illinois
[eText][Media Access][LMS] [Virtual Track A]
Ask the experts! Details forthcoming 2nd half of Future of Curriculum (Clockwork session ends at 9:30 a.m.) Opening Doors to Accessibility: How and where to share the work and make accessibility happen, Rob Carr, University of Alabama at Birmingham
[Institutional Policies/Initiatives] [Virtual Track B]
10:30 a.m.2nd part of How to Assess a Student for AT Needs Alternate Format – I Do My Best With What I’ve Got and That’s Better Than Nothing, Susan Kelmer, University of Colorado Boulder
[Alt Format] [Virtual Track A]
Hands-on Science Workshop for Blind & Low Vision Access Technology, Greg Williams, Independence Science
"Building Bridges and Breaking Down Barriers" Implementing Act 124: A Guide for Wisconsin's New Accessible Instructional Materials Law, Scott Ritter, Univ. of WI-Whitewater
Lync in the classroom, Pooja Malpani, Microsoft
Tips for evaluating the VoiceOver experience of iOS applications , Janna Cameron, Desire2Learn
[Mobile] [Virtual Track B]
Using Universal Instructional Design? A study of faculty processes and Universal Instructional Design strategies across multiple modalities, Julie Frese, University of the Rockies
[UD] [Curriculum Access]
11:45 a.m.the Cognosco Project - Online screen reader training to help users harness the power of WCAG best practices., Birkir Gunnarsson, Deque Systems
Read & Write Gold and Universal Design, Liz Henley, Southern New Hampshire University
[UD][Assistive Tech] [Virtual Track A]
2nd half of Hands-on Science Workshop Creating a Transparent Orientation Center for All Stakeholders , Sam McCool, Nevada State College
OPEN Inclusive Technologies - new methods to support students and faculty with the need for alternate formats, Lars Ballieu Christensen, SensusAccess
[Assistive Tech] [Curriculum Access] [Virtual Track B]
Balabolka: a Free Flexible E-reader for the Computer, Beth Coombs, EASI
[EASI Track]

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