Accessibility and Universal Design for Online Courses – making the practice practicable, and a bit less scary

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Presented at 8:00am in Meadowbrook I/II on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.



  • CAREY HAMBURG, Senior Instructional Designer, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: All Levels
  • Type of session: General Conference


This presentation will detail our approach and practice for bringing our State University online courses into compliance with accessibility requirements through the framework of Universal Design principles. We focus on practical solutions, flexibility, and the time-saving benefits of innovation, broadening the appeal for a once intimidating topic.


Accessibility is not generally a topic that online faculty want to hear about. While they know that compliance is the "right thing to do" and are well aware of some legal requirements, they are more focused on more immediate concerns and problems they know how to solve. Our task as instructional designers is to elevate their awareness of the issues while giving them directly applicable solutions, access to training, and enticement -- rather than punitive motivation.

We have found that the Seven Principles of Universal Design make for an excellent framework within which to structure this effort. While not diminishing the importance of accessibility requirements and accommodation when needed, the UD approach helps us to broaden the appeal for better access to all. Beyond the improved accessibility, the application of these principles results in added benefits of innovation, time savings, flexibility, and stress reduction. This presentation will detail our approach, methods, and results.


  1. Using instructional design training to address accessiblility issues in state university online courses.
  2. Using Universal Design as the framework for faculty appeal and training efforts to increase compliance.
  3. Appeal includes simplicity, innovation, flexibility, efficiency, stress reduction, and wider access for all!

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Speaker Bio(s)


Carey Hamburg is a senior instructional designer in the Office of Distance Learning after previously serving as E-Learning Media Specialist.

As a Senior Instructional Designer, he leads projects to improve the functionality of the learning management system, Moodle, and the integration of tools within it. He is responsible to provide timely one-to-one faculty support on challenging hybrid and online course design issues. He excels in supporting positive vendor relations and evaluating project details. Carey also delivers training on EduTools and Moodle related functions.

His background is in Art and Technology Integration. Carey is a graduate of UL Lafayette and completed an Master's in Communication at the University of South Alabama, with a focus in Multimedia Training Development. He has worked in a variety of educational settings as an instructor of both art and technology. Carey enjoys seeing the connections that emerge as educators and students explore the creative and effective possibilities of educational technology.