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Using Webinar Software for Low Vision Access in the Classroom

Proposal No: 236

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Length of Session (in hours): 1Format: Lecture Expertise Level: Intermediate Type of session: General Conference

Summary of Session

Demonstrates and discusses how mainstream webinar software can also be used as a reliable, low-cost strategy to provide access for students with low vision to information projected at the front of the classroom. It appeals to students as they can use their AT and stay in sync with the instructor.


Webinar and screen sharing software created for mainstream remote meetings and presentations can also be used in the classroom as a reliable, low-cost access tool for students with low vision. This is particularly feasible now that many classrooms provide high speed internet (Ethernet & Wi-Fi) for instructors & students, and many students take a laptop to class that is configured with their personal assistive technologies and settings. With the proper tools and setup, it is possible to implement this strategy almost seamlessly for the instructor, while providing a high quality, real-time version of what is being projected at the front of the room directly to the student?s laptop. The student can then use their standard assistive technology to zoom in or view the laptop screen up close if they prefer, and they never have to find their place if the instructor skips slides, as they are always in sync with what the class is seeing.


  1. How can webinar software be re-purposed as a vision access accommodation/tool in the classroom?
  2. What are the features to consider when selecting a webinar program for this application of the technology?
  3. With what types of presentation styles and formats does this strategy work well?

Speaker Bio(s)

Todd Schwanke