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Building an Accessibility Initiative: A Case Study from The University of Oklahoma

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Summary of Session

I will discuss my experiences as a new accessibility professional who wanted to lead an accessibility initiative 2.5 years ago. We will talk about learning the trade, reaching out around campus, shaping your message and some aspects of implementing a plan on campus.


Now is the time to lead your campus to accessibility. Recent legal action has primed university administrators to be receptive to accessibility professionals. Faculty and staff listen if the message is right. There are pockets of people throughout institutions that are passionate about accessibility. The difficulty is often tailoring your message to different audiences, figuring out who needs to be on board and sometimes how to get them there. This session will walk through the accessibility initiative at The University of Oklahoma as it has grown over the past 2.5 years. Even if you are brand new to accessibility, you can still spearhead an effort if you are willing to take steps to find your voice, engage others on campus and, craft your message and find or create force multipliers to help you implement your plans.


Speaker Bio(s)

Rob Carr

Rob Carr is the Accessibility Program Manager for Oklahoma ABLE Tech, Oklahoma's Assistive Technology Act Program, housed at Oklahoma State University. Rob works with higher education institutions and state agencies in Oklahoma to promote inclusion through technology by making technology accessibility a part of the day to day operations of organizations. He provides training and consultation to all levels of institutions and agencies, speaking at local and national conferences on the topic and spearheads ABLE Tech's web and technology accessibility efforts.