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If you have not presented at AHG previously, please list some conferences you have presented at recently and the topics addressed:


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If you have not presented at AHG previously, please list some conferences you have presented at recently and the topics addressed:


*(Note: the first speaker will receive all conference related correspondence)
(Note: the online form allows the entry of up to 5 speakers. Copy and paste the table above to prepare information for speakers 3, 4 & 5.)

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Proposal Information

*Title of Proposal (120 characters maximum - about 18 words)

*Length of Session

General Conference:       __1-hr general conference          __2-hr general conference

Pre-Conference:               __ 3-hr pre-conference                 __5-6 hr pre-conference

__2-day pre-conference

*Type of Presentation

__Lecture           __Lab    __Panel   __Bring your own device workshop    __Interactive/discussion

Items Attendees need for Bring-your-own device workshops


*Presentation Summary (500 characters maximum - about 90 words)


*Presentation Abstract (2000 characters maximum - about 360 words)



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Topics and Key Points

*Expertise Level


__Beginner      __ Intermediate        __ Advanced     __All Levels


*Disability Areas (Check all that apply)

__ All Areas       
__ Cognitive/Learning
__ Deaf/HOH
__ Mobility

__ Psychological
If other, specify:

*Topic Areas (Check all that apply)

__ Accessible Course Design
__ AI
__ Alternate Format & EPUB
__ Assistive Technology
__ Captioning/Transcription

__ Faculty Development & Support
__ Policy/Legal
__ Procurement
__ Web/Media/App Access
__ Other:   If other, specify:


*Enter 3 key points attendees will learn at your presentation (110 characters maximum each) (Use strong declarative statements – see examples below)


*Key Point 1: e.g., “Research on cognitive load can inform your decisions when writing alternative text.”
*Key Point 2: e.g., “All online course creators face limitations related to accessibility.”
*Key Point 3: e.g., “Quality of digital publications differ between publishers.”

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Equipment Needs

A/V & Computer Equipment Needed for Presentation*

__Flip Chart    __White Board
*(A screen, lcd projector (HDMI only) and wireless internet are provided in each room).

Proctor Help

I would like a proctor to assist with my session (y/n) ____

For hands-on workshops only: equipment, software and setup required*

__ Fusion       __JAWS            __NVDA              __ Magic             __ Zoomtext

__Other software or equipment. If other, specify:

*(all lab PCs have an Internet connection, Firefox, Office & Chrome)

Maximum class size:

Number of additional proctors needed (from conference staff):

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Agreement and Consent

Presentation Mode

All presentation will be onsite


(can be submitted at a later date)
You must upload an accessible electronic copy of your handouts — including slides, fact sheets, and any other handouts — by October 15 using the instructions to be sent after your proposal is accepted.

Speaker Agreement

Please note the following:

  1. The proposal and any handouts speakers provide may appear on our website and other media as part of marketing for the conference. Conference handouts and links to presenter’s e-mail addresses will also be posted on the post-conference website. Please upload an electronic copy of your slides and handouts by October 1 using the instructions to be sent after your proposal is accepted. You can also e-mail: ahg@ahead.org for the upload instructions.
  2. Handouts, including alternate formats (Braille, Large Print, etc.) are the responsibility of the presenter(s). The number of registered attendees requiring alternate formats will be sent to presenters by October 10th. Please let us know if you need assistance in providing your material in alternate format.
  3. It is understood that permission has been given by program presenters for audio-taping, video-taping and photographs. Audio and video of the sessions may appear on the post-conference website. Videos/audio recordings may also be made of sessions and offered to attendees and non-attendees after the conference for a fee. Pending speaker consent, some conference sessions may be streamed to off-site audiences.
  4. A 10% discount on registration fees will be provided to presenters who are traveling to the conference from out-of-state. Local presenters who present for one session or more receive a 5% discount off conference fees.
  5. Pre-conference presenters who present 6 hours or more will receive additional discounts. This discount is available only to the first two speakers or the discount can be divided among all the speakers (i.e. at a lower level). Contact hkramer@ahead.org or 720-351-8668 for specifics.
  6. Speakers must provide a final accessible version of their slides and handouts, either in PowerPoint, Word, PDF, EPUB or HTML format (HTML format provided via URL to posted web page) before the start of the conference.

Please indicate your acceptance of the above agreement by typing in your name below in lieu of signature:


Presenter 1: Type your name to indicate agreement with above stipulations

Do you consent to the audio recording of your conference sessions according to the stipulations listed above.

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Optional consents are not required for proposal acceptance

Do you consent to the video recording of your conference sessions according to the stipulations listed above.*

__Yes    __No

Do you consent to the video streaming of your conference sessions (i.e. inclusion in the virtual conference program) according to the stipulations listed above.*

__Yes    __No
*(Consent for taping and streaming are not required for proposal acceptance)

Required Consent

Handouts & Slides must be submitted by October 15, 2024

 If I have updates, I will send the final version of my materials in accessible format (as stipulated above) before the first day of the conference * required
(check for yes)