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Where Self-Discovery Meets Collaboration: Lessons From Accessible Pedagogy Consulting

Proposal No: 2715

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  • Alaina Beaver (Feltenberger),

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Length of Session (in hours): 1-hrFormat: Lecture Expertise Level: BeginnerType of session: Not provided

Summary of Session

In this session, I will show how Universal Design for Instruction principles informed the design of training materials that help faculty as well as peer tutors attend to accessibility concerns for interacting with students in online learning environments.


This session will focus on the process of engaging in collaborative sessions to help faculty and staff make their pedagogy more accessible. To more effectively implement training on learning technologies and course design accessibility, I created transferrable digital materials that utilize Universal Design to undergird strategies for consciousness raising in educators of diverse students, as well as peer tutors. I will show how these training materials opened conversations around learning goals and how participants effectively made changes to ensure that their electronic learning spaces were more inclusive. I hope to foster a conversation about the value of one-on-one academic consulting, especially in UDI collaborative work. I look forward to a discussion toward the end of the session where participants will gain and share ideas for how to implement similar strategies in their own institutions.


  1. Learn the value of one-on-one academic consulting with UDI.
  2. Discuss backwards design scaffolding and the importance of returning to learning goals with UDI.
  3. Discover strategies for designing transferrable training materials for faculty/staff regarding accessibility.

Speaker Bio(s)

Alaina Beaver (Feltenberger)

Alaina Feltenberger Beaver, Ph.D., is an educational researcher and pedagogy consultant for the Division of Continuing Education at CU Boulder. She is the founder of The Online Composition Hub at CU and has conducted professional development on topics related to accessibility, Universal Design for Instruction, digital tools, multimodality, and peer learning.


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