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Where Copyright and Accessibility Law Collide: Captioning Videos in which You Don't Hold the Copyright

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  • Blake Reid, Assistant Clinical Professor, Colorado Law
  • Lily Bond, Marketing Manager, 3Play Media

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Length of Session (in hours): 1-hrFormat: Lecture Expertise Level: All Levels Type of session: Not provided

Summary of Session

In this session, Blake Reid from Colorado Law and Lily Bond from 3Play Media will give a comprehensive view of closed captioning for educational video: how to do it, what the legal requirements are, and how copyright law impacts third party captioning.


The prevalence of online video in the past few years has led to an incredible virtual library of resources on pretty much every topic you could imagine. It is no surprise that because of this, educational institutions have taken to utilizing online video as course material. One of the great challenges of using videos in which you don't hold the copyright is that accessibility laws require most educational institutions to provide closed captions for video content. In this presentation, Blake Reid and Lily Bond will dispel myths around the interaction between copyright and captioning law, focusing on the legality of captioning copyrighted video content. Further, they will go over workflows and tools for captioning third party content, providing a comprehensive plan of attack for institutions facing these issues. Topics include how to caption video content, the intersection of copyright and accessibility law, statutory exemptions, fair use, and the future of copyright & captioning.


  1. Captioning basics, workflows, and tools for captioning third party content
  2. Accessibility law: why captioning is required (and important) in higher education
  3. Why copyright law shouldn't (for the most part) stop you from captioning

Speaker Bio(s)

Blake Reid

Blake Reid is an Assistant Clinical Professor in Technology Policy and Telecom Law at Colorado Law, as well as the Director of the Samuelson-Glushko Technology Law & Policy Clinic at Colorado Law. He earned his J.D. from Colorado Law and his LL.M in Advocacy with distinction from Georgetown Law.

Lily Bond

Lily Bond is the Marketing Manager at 3Play Media, which provides premium closed captioning and transcription services that make video accessible, searchable, and more engaging. 3Play Media services 1000+ customers in higher ed, government, and enterprise. 3Play Media’s goal is to make captioning simpler and less expensive through innovative technology.


PowerPoint: Where Copyright & Accessibility Law Collide: Captioning Videos in Which You Don't Hold the Copyright