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Beyond the Fault Line: Legal Compliance and Partnership With Publishers

Proposal No: 2653

Bios & Handouts


  • Elizabeth Delfs, Vice President and Senior Counsel, Pearson, Inc.
  • Elaine Ober, Global Head of Accessibility Advocacy, Pearson, Inc.

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Length of Session (in hours): 1-hrFormat: Lecture Expertise Level: All Levels Type of session: Not provided

Summary of Session

This session will provide a practical overview and examples of how publishers and colleges can most effectively work together to achieve accessibility, with an emphasis on how technical compliance can strive to meet the Department of Justice's interpretation of legal accessibility under the ADA.


Pearson, the world's largest learning technology company, is acutely aware of a higher ed legal environment that is developing quickly and challenging an increasingly complex product development cycle. Publishers and higher ed personnel may harbor conflicting interpretations of existing legal guidance. Publishers and higher ed institutions can benefit from 1) the consistency of achievable purchasing requirements that are consistent with the Department of Justice's advisory guidelines colleges and 2)utilization of publishers as a resource when determining accommodations that will result in an equitable learning opportunity for students.


  1. Clarify the legal landscape, i.e., laws, advisory opinions, settlement agreements
  2. How to maximize leverage with publishers when purchasing and deploying learning technology
  3. Practical application of DOJ guidelines

Speaker Bio(s)

Elizabeth Delfs

Elizabeth Delfs is a senior attorney in the legal department where she has focused on accessibility law for over a decade. She previously represented children and parents in special education hearings. She began her career in disabled student services in 1978 at Northeastern University in Boston and was one of the early members of AHEAD (then known as AHSSPPE). She was the founding editor of the Journal of Higher Education and Accessibility.

Elaine Ober

Elaine Ober directs accessibility advocacy efforts within and outside of Pearson. Prior to this position, she was Pearson's accessibility compliance director for higher education and continues to work directly with many DSS providers and students.