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Lab: the Truth about JavaScript Accessibility

Proposal No: 614

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Length of Session (in hours): 2Format: Lab Expertise Level: Intermediate Type of session: General Conference

Summary of Session

You’ve been told that you can’t use JavaScript if you want it to be accessible. That’s just plain false, and we’re here to show you why and how you can use JavaScript to keep your interfaces fresh, modern and dynamic and meet your accessibility goals. Join accessibility expert Derek Featherstone in this virtual seminar for practical techniques for creating accessible JavaScript.


This seminar includes practical advice and techniques that are based on real world scenarios. Because this session will be taped and archived you can revisit it over and over so that you’re truly confident knowing “The Truth about JavaScript and Accessibility”—how you can use JavaScript effectively and accessibly in your work. In 2 hrs (including a dedicated Question & Answer block), we’ll share with you what we know works based on the work we’ve done helping others make dynamic interfaces accessible. Financial institutions, government departments and retail operations all want to use JavaScript in their web sites and applications. We’ve helped dozens of them achieve their goal of using JavaScript in their interfaces to keep things fresh, responsive and dynamic but still meet their accessibility goals.


  1. The top 3 accessibility traps to avoid when using JavaScript on your site.
  2. Learn how to test for full keyboard accessibility.
  3. Learn the top 3 accessibility traps to avoid when using JavaScript on your site.

Speaker Bio(s)

Derek Featherstone

Derek is the Chief Experience Officer at Level Access – focused on ensuring that accessibility and inclusion are an integral part of creating outstanding customer experiences. He teaches teams accessibility concepts and skills, and leads hands-on workshops with teams of all sizes. Working with Derek will help you analyze and improve your process, and incorporate accessibility and inclusive design processes into your UX and service design practice, and development methodologies.