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Congratulations-you`re in charge of Alt Format. Now what?

Proposal No: 235

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Length of Session (in hours): 2Format: Lecture Expertise Level: BeginnerType of session: General Conference

Summary of Session

Managing alt format is daunting for many disability service providers who have been tasked with the responsibility but lack time, resources, skills, and experience. This presentation is a comprehensive discussion of alt format management from soup to nuts.


Every institution is responsible for providing access to college and course materials for students with disabilities. In order to satisfy individual access preferences and the requirements of the Office of Civil Rights and the Department of Justice, DSS offices must be able to process requests, produce alternate format files, and deliver those files to students in an effective, timely, and accurate manner. In this session, we will take an in-depth look at the legal requirements, at workflow processes such as request, production, delivery, and storage, and at some alt format production tools.


  1. Legal requirements for accessibility in general and alternate format in particular
  2. Process analysis of eligibility, request system, production system, delivery system, storage system
  3. Incorporation of these considerations into the design of an alternate format management system

Speaker Bio(s)

Julie Balassa