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Phoenix Braille and Graphics Embosser- New Features

Proposal No: 214

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Length of Session (in hours): 2Format: Lab Expertise Level: Intermediate Type of session: General Conference

Summary of Session

Enabling Technologies` Phoenix braille and graphics embosser and Firebird software have significant new features and capabilities. Join this lab session to experience the capabilities of these new features in a hands-on setting, using your own graphics or those provided by presenter.


The Phoenix Braille and Graphics Embosser and its Firebird software were introduced last year. The new generation of this pair has even stronger capabilities to efficiently produce highly readable graphics from scanned images. In this hands-on lab session, participants will have the opportunity to use the software, emboss graphics created, and receive feedback about design of the graphic and clarity for the reader.

During the lab session you will have the opportunity to:

• explore features and techniques used in creating a graphic from a scanned image with the newest version of Firebird

• evaluate graphics embossed by the Phoenix braille and graphics embosser

• discuss and apply best practices in tactile graphics design, based on the recently released \\\"BANA Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics\\\"

• compare tactile graphics created with several different processes and discuss educational implications of production method choices


  1. steps to create a new graphic using Firebird
  2. steps to edit a previously-designed graphic using Firebird
  3. important points about designing a readable graphic

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