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Introducing WYNN 7 - Taking Writing to the next Level

Proposal No: 203

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Length of Session (in hours): 1Format: Lecture Expertise Level: All Levels Type of session: General Conference

Summary of Session

WYNN 7 introduces a revolutionary new way to improve the writing skills of all students, including those with learning disabilities. This new interactive approach introduces a new process for integrating reading comprehension, information gathering and organization, and writing.


This presentation will provide information on the results of the Steppingstones grant ? a collaboration between Michigan State University and Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group. The resulting solution, WYNN 7, provides an educationally based, research- supported process combined with technology features to assist all students, including those with learning disabilities, with reading comprehension, information gathering and organization, and, ultimately, writing. This solution addresses an ongoing issue for all students ? effective writing. Additionally, the solution, based on a five step learning process, (preview, read, examine, summarize and explain) easily assists educators to provide interactive ?cues? to scaffold student reading, studying and writing. Student comprehension and writing is supported by both the delineated process and by integrated features including a revolutionary note card function. The combined methodology, templates and features further assist schools to integrate the Common Core State Standards within writing process in a user-friendly and intuitive environment.


  1. Attendees will be introduced to the revolutionary new process for information organization and writing in WYNN
  2. Attendees will learn how this new methodology will assist students within their programs
  3. Attendees will experience additional new features and functions of the next generation of WYNN literacy software

Speaker Bio(s)

Howard Kramer