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Alternate Note-Taking Strategies Using Technology

| Proposal No: 1925

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  • Kamran Rasul, , American University

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Length of Session (in hours): 1-hrFormat: Lecture Expertise Level: Intermediate Type of session: Not provided

Summary of Session

This session will review technology tools to assist students with note-taking related tasks. A number of technologies like Audio note-taking apps, smart pens and other note taking software. Attendees will be given a comprehensive look at the benefits/challenges of these note-taking technologies.


Both American University and University of Maryland were investigating cost saving measures to find some alternatives to our note-taking services. This led us to investigate a number of technologies, both adaptive and mainstream. We pooled together a number of technologies and tested them to see if they would be viable for both our students and note takers to trial during our Fall 2014 semester. We looked at the following: Livescribe (Echo Sky & 3), IrisNotes, Sonocent, Notetaker (Apple app), AudioNotes (Ms Word, OneNote & a stand-alone app for Apple, Android and Microsoft). At the end, put together a summary which were divided by benefits and challenges and a conclusion.


  1. How we gathered and prepared technologies for assessment.
  2. Learn about the different technologies sampled and reviewed.
  3. Decisions in selecting the better notetaking technologies choces.

Speaker Bio(s)

Kamran Rasul

Kamran joined American University in 2007. His primary role is to provide adaptive technology support and services for students, staff and faculty with disabilities. He oversees the maintenance and support of all adaptive technology across campus, including the Washington College of Law. Prior to AU, Kamran worked in a variety of health care settings as an Assistive Technologist providing both educational and technical support to individuals with disabilities. He has presented number of times for AHG and other similar conferences in the field. His interest is in educating the flow of new and emerging technology and how it can be implemented to accomplish "universal design for services" for all.


Note taking Solutions Presentation - AHG 2014