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Paying for and Implementing Captioning, Both Proactively and Reactively

| Proposal No: 1920

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  • Greg Kraus, Principal Accessibility Specialist, Interactive Accessibility
  • Gaeir Dietrich, Director, HTCTU

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Summary of Session

Creating captions either costs significant time or money. As more video is put online, how do campuses cope with these increasing demands? Four institutions will share their strategies for how they provide funding for captioning, discuss how they implement their programs, and share lessons learned.


While the requirement to provide captions for videos is not questioned, who pays for captioning on campuses is a contentious topic. Is it the responsibility of the content creator or is it the responsibility of the institution? With entire classes being taught via online video the captioning costs can be thousands of dollars for a single class. How do we as institutions respond to this enormous resource need? North Carolina State University, George Mason University, the University of Arizona, and the California Community College System are four institutions that have sought ways to provide institutional support for captioning, both through funding and technical support models. These institutions will share how they set up and manage their resources plus share the lessons they have learned in their programs.


  1. Central resources, if allocated and managed well, can empower a campus to do the right thing with captioning
  2. Providing financial resources to content creators can take the fear out of creating video for courses
  3. Providing captions across the campus requires significant resources, and it is a shared responsibility

Speaker Bio(s)

Greg Kraus

Greg Kraus is the Principal Accessibility Specialist at Interactive Accessibility. He brings a breadth and depth of accessibility experience that is both engaging and transformative for organizations. Greg combines his experience of implementing accessibility at the institutional level with his technical ability to develop innovative software solutions. Greg takes a people-centered approach to accessibility – accessibility is about people who need access to products and services, and it’s about people who will be making changes to their own workflows in order to deliver accessible products and services. He meets people where they are, creates a vision for where they need to be, and then journeys with them to make it a reality. Previously Greg worked at NC State University as the IT Accessibility Coordinator. Where he developed many innovative accessibility solutions. He also led national accessibility efforts as the EDUCAUSE IT Accessibility Constituent Group Leader.

Gaeir Dietrich

Gaeir Dietrich is the director of the High Tech Center Training Unit of the California Community Colleges located at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. She is a nationally recognized expert in the area of alternate media and is a founding member of the AHEAD E-text Solutions Group and co-developer of the AHEAD E-text Institute. Gaeir has served on several advisory boards, including Bookshare, DIAGRAM Center, the Alternate Text Production Center, AHEAD, and the Silicon Valley Independent Living Center. She led the Veterans Resource Center project for the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office. And in 2010-2011, she served as the chair for the national advisory commission on Accessible Instructional Materials in Postsecondary Education.


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