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Alternate Format Production for STEM Content with Infty Reader

| Proposal No: 1906

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  • Sean Keegan, , Stanford University

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Length of Session (in hours): 2-hrFormat: Lab Expertise Level: Intermediate Type of session: General Conference

Summary of Session

Infty Reader is an OCR application that recognizes image-based STEM content and converts these materials into more accessible formats. Once a document is converted using Infty Reader, further production and manipulation of the files is possible through Microsoft Word.


Producing accessible formats of science, technology, and math (STEM) materials can involve numerous steps and require extensive time. Formatting specialists are challenged to reproduce image-based STEM content into formats usable by students accurately and in a timely manner. The Infty applications can reduce the time investment and streamline the production process for converting STEM materials into accessible formats. Infty Reader is an OCR program for math and science content. Using three separate OCR engines, Infty Reader distinguishes between formulas and text content to increase accuracy. Post-recognition, the output can be exported into numerous formats, including Word XML. Exporting to Word XML allows for further editing and formatting capabilities in the MS Word environment. Due to the specificity of the Infty Reader application, a workflow process incorporating the proper manipulation of STEM materials is critical to achieving accuracy and minimizing production times.


  1. Learn the different versions of the Infty applications for use in alternate format production
  2. Practice using the Infty Reader application to process image-based STEM materials into MS Word files
  3. Identify workflow solutions for producing STEM content in alternate formats

Speaker Bio(s)

Sean Keegan

Sean Keegan is the Associate Director for Assistive Technology in the Office of Accessible Education (OAE) at Stanford University. As a member of the OAE, Sean oversees the implementation and support of assistive technology for students with disabilities throughout the campus as well as on mobile devices. Sean also oversees the Alternate Format Production Facility that provides conversion services for textbook and academic materials into alternate formats for students with disabilities. Recent projects include the implementation of a Web-based, captioning workflow solution designed to simplify the process of creating captioned media and the development of SCRIBE, a Web-based alternate format platform for converting electronic documents into accessible formats.


Infty Reader Wed Session [PDF]