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Experience Bookshare in Action!

| Proposal No: 912

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  • Lisa Wadors Verne, Director of Educational Research and Development, Benetech

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Length of Session (in hours): 1-hrFormat: Lab Expertise Level: BeginnerType of session: Not provided

Summary of Session

Learn how to sign up qualified students for Bookshare, and how to use the new reading tools. You will get started with setting up an organization account for your school/district and learn about student benefits and qualifications, accessible book formats and assistive software applications.


Booksare’s online library of digital books and technology offer students the resources they need in a timely and flexible manner. Bookshare is a valuable resource that individuals will use throughout their lives. This hands-on lab will walk educators through the process of setting up memberships for qualified students, of searching for and downloading books and trying out all of the different tools for reading Bookshare books. Books in digital formats will provide students the flexibility to let students read in an appropriate style, whether using software for multi-modal reading, assistive devices or Braille. Educators will also learn about the benefits and flexibility of accessible formats, such as DAISY, which is becoming a national standard, and Bookshare’s second format, BRF. They will clearly see how these accessible formats work with a wide range of assistive technologies to address the unique needs of their students and motivate them to achieve more reading and studying independence.


  1. 2. Learn how to navigate through Bookshare and perform the basic functions: search, request, and download digi
  2. 3. Participants will learn about the benefits and flexibility of accessible formats such as DAISY and BRF and
  3. 4. Learning about the Chafee amendment and how its enables copyrighted materials to be made available to stude

Speaker Bio(s)

Lisa Wadors Verne

Lisa Wadors Verne, Ph.D. is Director, Education Research and Development at Benetech, a nonprofit that empowers communities with software for social good. She serves as the Project Director for the DIAGRAM Center and is co-producer of the DIAGRAM Report, an annual brief about emerging technologies and their promise for kids with disabilities. Lisa has spoken about accessible educational materials and inclusive practices at many notable conferences around the globe. She has a doctorate in Special Education and Policy from the University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco State University, Joint Doctoral program with a focus on teachers’ beliefs about including children with special needs in typically developing classrooms. With nearly two decades in Educational research and application, Dr. Wadors Verne has particular expertise in special education policy and law, inclusion, and family and school collaboration. Dr. Wadors Verne holds a B.S. in Business Administration and Marketing from Villanova University and an M. A. in Early Childhood Special Education from Santa Clara University.