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Institutionalizing Web Accessibility: The Web Accessibility in Higher Education Project in Oklahoma

| Proposal No: 904

Bios & Handouts


  • Rob Carr, Accessibility Coordinator, Oklahoma State University
  • Jonathan Whiting, Director of Training and Evaluation, WebAIM

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Length of Session (in hours): 1-hrFormat: Lecture Expertise Level: All Levels Type of session: Not provided

Summary of Session

Take a look at how a collaborative, statewide higher education accessibility initiative in Oklahoma has begun to institutionalize accessibility. We have lots of lessons to share after completing the first year of the Web Accessibility in Higher Education Project in Oklahoma.


The Web Accessibility in Higher Education Project (WAHEP) in Oklahoma is a truly unique accessibility initiative. The WAHEP brings together WebAIM, NCDAE, Oklahoma ABLE Tech and higher education institutions of all sizes from across the state. The shared goal: make accessibility a part of the fabric of higher education institutions. Countless lessons and opportunities have arisen as a result of this partnership and collaboration. Within the state, ABLE Tech is in a unique position to engage institutions about accessible digital environments. 26 Project teams, representing over 150 individual team members, are actively involved. On campuses disparate units are working together to improve web and digital accessibility. And WebAIM and NCDAE bring their considerable knowledge and experience to the table to create the foundation and support that a project like this requires. Come hear what has worked, what we can improve and what we have all begun to learn after the first year of this five year effort.


  1. Discuss outcomes from a statewide higher education accessibility initiative.
  2. Hear about many approaches used to take on accessibility in higher ed.
  3. Identify early barriers and opportunities using a web-based software tool from the NCDAE.

Speaker Bio(s)

Rob Carr

Rob Carr is the Accessibility Coordinator for Oklahoma ABLE Tech, Oklahoma's Assistive Technology Act Program, housed at Oklahoma State University. Rob works with higher education institutions and state agencies in Oklahoma to promote inclusion through technology by making technology accessibility a part of the day to day operations of organizations. He provides training and consultation to all levels of institutions and agencies, speaking at local and national conferences on the topic and spearheads ABLE Tech's web and technology accessibility efforts.

Jonathan Whiting

Jonathan Whiting is the Director of Training and Evaluation at WebAIM, a highly respected non-profit web accessibility organization based at Utah State University. His main passion is helping others learn to make the web more accessible to people with disabilities. Jonathan is also currently involved in Project GOALS, a program to assist institutions of Higher Education in improving their accessibility system-wide. With a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology and ten years of experience in the field of web accessibility, Jonathan has published dozens of articles, tutorials, and other instructional resources. He has traveled extensively to train thousands of web developers and other professionals who develop or maintain web content.