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Accessibility Through Responsive Design

| Proposal No: 895

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  • Justin Stockton, Application Developer, Devis

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Length of Session (in hours): 1-hrFormat: Lecture Expertise Level: All Levels Type of session: Not provided

Summary of Session

An examination of the process of designing a responsive website through a case study of the Access Jobs application. We discuss the tools, techniques, and challenges that we came across and how we were able to successfully implement an award-winning and universally accessible application.


In the realm of web design, most associate web accessibility with building websites that can be navigated by assistive technology. While this is an important and admirable goal, it overlooks the broader motivation, which is ensuring that all users, regardless of device or technology, have equal access to content. Using responsive design techniques avoids many of the pitfalls of previous mobile approaches by utilizing new techniques and features to create a website that adapts to the device that each visitor is using. Mobile and desktop websites no longer have to exist in separate silos; instead a single website can be developed to be used on virtually all devices with no loss of content or functionality. This benefits users with disabilities, as they are free to use their preferred device or technology.


  1. Responsibility to ensure that the web is usable for everyone
  2. Accessibility as “availability”
  3. A device–agnostic approach makes content available to more people on more devices

Speaker Bio(s)

Justin Stockton

Justin began creating accessible Web applications after reading an interview with Tim Berners-Lee on how he was upset with how information on the Web was slowly becoming available to only a few. Since then he has worked on several government projects, including several versions of, to create Web sites that remove the barriers to information and provide people with disabilities access to the information they deserve. Justin currently resides in Boulder, CO with his family and enjoys getting up to the mountains every chance he gets.