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Who is at the Controls? Take-off of the Etext Pilot Program at UW

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Summary of Session

Instructors are asking for e-text solutions! University of Washington IT is leading a one year, two-vendor pilot project to test the viability, effectiveness, and accessibility of universal e-text solutions. Progress to-date will be discussed and demonstrated.


Increasing demands for an alternative to expensive textbooks print textbooks at the University of Washington was the impetus for this pilot project to examine the possibility of e-text from commercial vendors as a solution. Starting with two possible vendors, a team from UW Information Technology began leading an investigation using real-world classes starting spring term in 2012. The pilot program will gradually increase the number of books, courses, and students over a year-long period. _x000D_This session will provide an overview of the process, share some initial results, and demonstrate the accessibility of the some of the e-textbooks that are delivered via the web to ALL the students in these courses._x000D_Electronic text, you say? If you\\\\\\\'ve been creating Braille, DAISY or accessible PDFs, you probably haven\\\\\\\'t seen it like this._x000D__x000D_


  1. Overview of E-text pilot project
  2. Initial feedback from students to-date
  3. Accessibility implications for web-delivered textbooks

Speaker Bio(s)

Dan Comden