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I want to write an accessible secure book!

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Length of Session (in hours): 1Format: Lecture Expertise Level: Intermediate Type of session: General Conference

Summary of Session

This session walks you through the tools for creating an accessible PDF, iBooks or ePub version of your creation. The presenter illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of each format from an author's point of view.Use this session as a road map before your adventure begins!


For those of you who know my work, I don't publish in inaccessible format. I had to throw this notion out the window when it came to writing a book with interactive content. Since the publication of my interactive book as a sort of but not quite accessible PDF book, I've delved into using both iBooks Author and ePub format to produce the book. I needed to find an accessible but secure way of distributing the book with interactive content. Interactive books are here to stay and my goal in this new frontier is to ensure that they are accesible. As usual, this turns into another great digital adventure!


  1. Accessible PDF format and interactive content: strengths and weaknessess.
  2. Interactive content in the iBook format: strengths and weaknessess.
  3. Interactive content in the ePub format: strengths and weaknessess.

Speaker Bio(s)

Howard Kramer

Mr. Kramer has worked in assistive technology, disability, information systems and accessible media for more than 25 years. From 1997-2012 he worked with Disability Services at CU-Boulder, establishing the Assistive Technology Lab, which serves students with disabilities needing specialized access. He is founder and coordinator for the Accessing Higher Ground Conference: Accessible Media, Web & Technology, and teaches courses on Universal Design at CU-Boulder.