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How to use AT to Sneak Universal Design into the Campus Mindset

Proposal No: 248

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Length of Session (in hours): 1Format: Lecture Expertise Level: BeginnerType of session: General Conference

Summary of Session

Using easy-to-learn technology as the major selling point, you can convince faculty and staff to become more universal design conscious. The key is to allow staff to see that their jobs can be made easier, not harder by implementing accessibility into their work.


Using grass-roots methodology, Leyna Bencomo has infiltrated several departments with easy-to-use methods and sparkling technological toys. By enlightening staff, she has covertly convinced them to utilize universal design techniques making their classes, forms and processes more accessible to all students. Microsoft Word and Windows 7 are explored to see how easily they can enhance the accessibility and structure of classroom handouts, syllabi and test papers. Features of Read&Write Gold are explored to see how they can function as aids to tutors and lab assistants around campus.


  1. How commonly-used technology can make jobs easier.
  2. What departments to infiltrate with UDL
  3. What sometimes does not work

Speaker Bio(s)

Leyna Bencomo

Leyna Bencomo is the Assistive Technology Specialist at Community College of Denver and assesses an average of 10 students per week. She determines what technology students need and trains them to incorporate that technology into their studies. Her students find the technology she recommends quite useful in their academic pursuits. She has been honing her craft for more than four years now and has previously trained students in the use of technology for fifteen years within the higher education community and the corporate world.