Leveraging OER for Digital Accessibility




  • Robert Uhren, Access Advocate, William Rainey Harper College

Session Details

  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: Intermediate
  • Type of session: General Conference


This speaker is an Open Educational Resources Committee member and this presentation is an opportunity for this speaker to provide insight regarding collaboration between Access and Disability Services and the Academy (for Instructional Designers) with a focus of campus-wide digital accessibility infusion.


In response to an ongoing demand to provide affordable class content for students in higher education, an increasing number of community colleges are adopting “open educational resources” (OER) as an opportunity to provide faculty members with an ability to develop and create their own instructional materials in a digital format. We will provide effective strategies of working with administrators, faculty members, and other stakeholders to ensure that OER materials are readily accessible with minimal impact on the accessibility service office’s resources.


  1. The Open Educational Resources committee is an opportunity to infuse campus-wide Digital Accessibility.
  2. Identifying key institutional-level stakeholders is important for a buy-in for campus-wide a11y infusion.
  3. Learning the proven-effective talking points of having OER proactively made accessible is another tenet.

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Speaker Bio(s)

Robert Uhren

Robert Uhren grew up closely with his Apple Macintosh Classic and has always viewed technology from within the enabling scope. In terms of digital accessibility, Robert is fascinated with the end user and has worked with and observed a wide range of individuals with disabilities and has always observed how they use technology to enhance their quality of life. As a deafblind technology trainer briefly prior joining higher education disability services, it was then Robert realized that contributing to digital accessibility is equal to contributing to the enabling and transformative nature that technology has.


  • OER_Accessibility_Checklist

    This is the checklist that I've discussed during the Leveraging OER for Digital Accessibility presentation.

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