Learning Process Automation: Bringing Assistive AI to Accessibility

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Scheduled at 10:30am in Standley II Lab on Friday, November 22 (2019).



  • Rajiv Narayana, CEO, ansrsource

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  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: Beginner
  • Type of session: General Conference


Artificial intelligence (AI) is in a nascent stage in the learning industry, but that is about to change. ansrsource CEO Rajiv Narayana will demonstrate how ansrsource has leveraged Learning Process Automation for accessibility, achieving dramatic quality, time, and cost improvements.


We are in an age of implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and while the headlines focus on the moonshot projects that will disrupt how we live and work, many businesses are quietly using machine learning to automate their operations. AI applications in learning can be more complex than in other industries, but the sophistication of technology, abundant structured data, and a willingness to try new approaches is providing opportunities to leverage what we at ansrsource are calling Learning Process Automation (LPA). LPA involves observing and documenting workflows and processes, looking for opportunities where there are repeatable steps and observable decision making criteria, researching and building learning algorithms to handle these steps and decisions, re-envisioning the workflow to incorporate human/machine collaboration, and designing platforms to streamline the new workflow and allow for our human experts to manage more work with greater consistency and efficiency.


  1. Traditional methods of delivering accessibility are not meeting the market's need for affordability and scale.
  2. Data availability, funding, and computing power have improved AI's ability to address accessibility needs.
  3. Learning Process Automation innovations are key to unlock efficient means to address accessibility at scale.

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Speaker Bio(s)

Rajiv Narayana

Rajiv has 16 years of experience leading a team of learning content designers and developers as a co-founder of ansrsource. He has also worked with the artificial intelligence learning organization Continual Engine as its Chief Learning Officer. He brought his journalism experience in large scale editorial environments to learning at a time when there were not many firms specializing in digital learning design and development. The combination of speed, scale, and sophistication set ansrsource apart, and is why Rajiv has been able to forge strong relationships with the largest and most progressive learning organizations in the world. Rajiv has used this knowledge and trust earned over years of producing high quality learning experiences to bring new approaches to accessibility to leading Universities and Publishers.