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  • Rajiv Narayana, CEO, ansrsource

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  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: Intermediate
  • Type of session: General Conference


Artificial intelligence is finding its way into learning technology products, but it has not yet been used as a process automation tool to enable efficient scale in learning best practices. ansrsource CEO Rajiv Narayana will demonstrate how ansrsource has leveraged AI for accessibility, achieving high quality results and 50% savings.


ansrsource has been a content-focused company for 15 years but in the past few years we've seen the demand for affordable approaches to accessible content at scale increase with few solutions that adequately address this need. We use a lot of technology in our work but have never developed technology ourselves. Our teams are comprised of learning and subject experts who design and build courses and assets for leading universities, corporations, foundations, and publishers. However, due to the fact that traditional methods cannot meet the scale of demand for remediation and new content creation for people with disabilities, we invested in a partnership with an artificial intelligence company to develop solutions that leverage what we are calling Learning Process Automation. In this session we will demonstrate how we developed our assistive approach and the cost, timelines, and quality gains we've achieved at scale.


  1. Traditional methods of delivering accessibility are not meeting the market's need for affordability and scale.
  2. Data availability, funding, and computing power have improved AI's ability to address accessibility needs.
  3. Learning Process Automation innovations are key to unlock efficient means to address accessibility at scale.

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Speaker Bio(s)

Rajiv Narayana

Rajiv has 16 years of experience leading a team of learning content designers and developers as a co-founder of ansrsource. He has also worked with the artificial intelligence learning organization Continual Engine as its Chief Learning Officer. He brought his journalism experience in large scale editorial environments to learning at a time when there were not many firms specializing in digital learning design and development. The combination of speed, scale, and sophistication set ansrsource apart, and is why Rajiv has been able to forge strong relationships with the largest and most progressive learning organizations in the world. Rajiv has used this knowledge and trust earned over years of producing high quality learning experiences to bring new approaches to accessibility to leading Universities and Publishers.