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Exhibiting, Presenting & Sponsorship (2020)

Virtual Exhibit Hall

The virtual exhibit hall at AHG 2020 will allow the listing of company and product information and provide other tools for interacting with attendees.*

*(We are still determining the optimal accessible software and means to provide exhibitor/attendee networking and meeting scheduling. More details including pricing will be posted once we have made this determination).

30-minute Vendor Sessions

Sponsorship or the purchase of a vendor session slot will provide exhibitors and sponsors the opportunity to present about company services or products within a 30-minute slot on Monday, November 16. You can view the schedule here.

Exhibitor & Sponsor Registration

Exhibitor Registration (coming soon)

Sponsor Registration (coming soon)

2020 Exhibiting Fees

(coming soon)

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Questions about exhibiting or sponsoring? Contact Jane Johnston at 704-947-7779 or or Howard Kramer at 720-351-8668 or