Digital Accessibility: Best Practices & General Overview

Digital Accessibility: Best Practices & General Overview



  • Michele Landis, CRO & Co-Founder, Accessible360

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  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: Expert
  • Type of session: General Conference


Overview of what it means to be WCAG (Digital Accessibility) Compliant for ALL users with varying disabilities for both Websites, Platforms and Native Applications. Many organizations are starving for best practices and legal insight on short-term & long-term compliance means as it relates to Digital Properties & equitable access.


What is Digital Accessibility?: -Overview of the Topic -What does Digital Accessibility Compliance Mean -Importance to ALL organizations - regardless of industry / size

Legal Trends in Digital Accessibility? -The "Legal Requirements" for Digital Accessibility (Title I, II & III) -Methods the plaintiff firms using in targeting organizations -The 'current' (ever changing) trends in the space -What to do if you are targeted (Demand Letter or Lawsuit)

Methods of Testing & Best Practices for WCAG Compliance: -The different ways you can test for WCAG Compliance -The best way to ensure WCAG Compliance Remediation (QA Testing) -How to facilitate this through internal teams / digital agencies (or both) -How to tackle this if your organization / agency know nothing about Digital Accessibility -How to maintain Digital Accessibility over the long-term (this isn't just a one-time project!) -Platform insight for various industries (how does this affect your compliance)


  1. Digital Accessibility (Web, Mobile, Platform, etc)
  2. Equitable Access for ALL users
  3. Legal Trends in Digital Accessibility that affect All organizations

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Speaker Bio(s)

Michele Landis

Michele and her team of Accessibility Experts that includes both sighted, (but most importantly: blind accessibility engineers) leads the industry in best-in-class practices for testing, training, ongoing support & continued monitoring of all types of digital products.

Her company (A360 which she helped co-found) provides accessibility services for all business verticals and their clients span the globe. One of the most interesting areas now being served is the IoT and working to ensure accessible design is built in to hardware and the apps used to operate them.

Along with teaching continuing legal education classes and speaking on Accessible Design, Michele leads business development and strategic partnerships at the Minnesota based accessibility consulting firm that helps businesses make websites and mobile apps accessible to people with disabilities and compliant to WCAG 2.0 AA / WCAG 2.1 AA.