Case Study: Creating Training Materials for Accessibility Specialists



  • Peter Shiklli, CEO, Access2online Inc.

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  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: All Levels
  • Type of session: General Conference


Examining the challenges faced by one accessibility vendor when creating training materials for analysts in a constantly evolving field.


Take an in-depth look at what one company has learned through the years about what we’ve done well, what we’ve done poorly, and where we are now with creating training materials for our analysts.

Holding a unique position as both an accessibility vendor and a training program, we’ve been faced with creating a training process that evolves as our industry does. Whether it's to expand our offerings or up-skill our team, we’ve come to understand that being at the forefront of a changing industry means that our training materials often become outdated, or inadequate. With this, we adapt. We’ve diversified our tools from just how-to guides, user manuals, and textbooks.

Today, our training is less of a well-defined process, and more a collection of dynamic resources such as User Groups, Webinars, and the strong relationships we’ve formed with leaders in our field which allows us to collaborate.


  1. Even with training materials, it’s okay to try and to fail. It creates an understanding of where to improve.
  2. Use what works. Don't shy away from utilizing methods, tools, and processes developed by others.
  3. Collaborate. Building relationships with those who share similar interests is an asset.

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Speaker Bio(s)

Peter Shiklli

A UCLA engineer with an MBA, Peter Shikli has over 30 years in software development, high-tech business formation, and project management. He is a Certified Manufacturing Engineer, a Registered Professional Engineer, accredited college instructor, guest lecturer, a Trusted Tester certified by the federal Office of Accessible Systems & Technology, and has published over 40 articles & books.

Mr. Shikli's experience includes VP of R&D, CIO for an electronic component exchange, various high-tech positions with Garrett Aerospace and Ampex, and Program Manager for SAIC, the world's largest international think tank. Having founded Bizware Online Applications Inc (Access2online's holding corporation), Mr. Shikli chaired various internet consortiums such as the Orange County Chapter of the Southern California ColdFusion Users Group, the Orange County PHP Developers Group, Director of the WebTeam Coalition, and the Internet Consortium of the Orange County Business Council.

Taking a break from his duties as Bizware's CEO, Mr. Shikli is focusing on Access2online, what he considers his legacy project. He has personally trained every inmate working for Access2online and reviews every work product before it reaches our customers.