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Wednesday’s Grid Schedule 2014 – (Switch to Linear Format)

Wednesday - November 19, 2014
TimeWaverlyCotton Creek IStandley I LabMeadowbrook IStandley II LabMeadowbrook IICotton Creek IIWindsor
8:00 a.m.Solving the note taking problem using audio annotation technology, Dave Tucker, Sonocent

Implementing Universal Design Principles and Accessibility to Online Courses at a Large University, Nancy Swenson, University of Central Florida

[Virtual Track A]

Implementing WCAG 2.0 Requirements using HTML5 and ARIA Techniques, Jon Gunderson, University of Illinois

Creating Accessible Content in Microsoft Office 2013, Kim Phillips, Level Access

[Virtual Track B]

Advanced Techniques for Accessible Web Development, Derek Featherstone, Simply Accessible Inc.

Digital Libraries in Higher Education - An opportunity for improved accessibility, higher efficiency and better practice, Lars Ballieu Christensen, Sensus Aps

Post Production Captioning: Choosing the Right Software for your Institution, Cindy Camp, pepnet 2

Mobile and Accessibility, Gian Wild, AccessibilityOz

9:15 a.m.Read&Write for Google making Chrome and Docs a more Accessible learning environment, Douglas Rosette, Texthelp Inc

Web Accessibility Lipstick on a Usability Pig, Jared Smith, WebAIM

[Virtual Track A]

Implementing WCAG 2.0 Requirements using HTML5 and ARIA Techniques Continued Making Non-English Content Accessible, Elizabeth Pyatt, Penn State

[Virtual Track B]

Advanced Techniques cont’d Teaching Current and Future Online Learning Educators about Accessible Design, Sheryl Burgstahler, University of Washington

When the Federal Government Comes Knocking on Your Virtual Door—What to Expect in an ADA or 504 Technology Review, Mary Lou Mobley, U.S. Dept. of Education

The MOOC for Accessiblity Partnership (MOOCAP), Sebastian Kelle, HdM Stuttgart

10:15 a.m.Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break
11:15 a.m.Implementing a Campus-Wide UDL Initiative , Deb Castiglione, University of Kentucky

Paying for and Implementing Captioning, Both Proactively and Reactively, Greg Kraus, Interactive Accessibility

[Virtual Track A]

Teaching a Class on WordPress Accessibility, Joe Dolson, Accessible Web Design

New Developments in Image and Math Content Accessibility, Sue-Ann Ma, Benetech

[Virtual Track B]

“Swipe IT”—Using the VoiceOver Gestures, Robert Beach, Kansas City KS Comm. Col.

Case Study: Improving the User Experience of Course Content for all Learners, Kathy Wahlbin, Interactive Accessibility

Alternate Note-Taking Strategies Using Technology , Kamran Rasul, American University

Use ARIA now!, Billy Gregory, The Paciello Group

12:20 - 2:00 p.m.Keynote Lunch: Paul Grossman, Chief Regional Attorney, retired, US Dept. of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
2:15 p.m.WebAIM's Screen Reader, Motor, Low Vision, and Web Accessibility Practitioner Surveys, Jared Smith, WebAIM

Meeting Everyone’s Needs: Redesigning an Online Introduction to Accessibility Course for Faculty, Serena Reavis, NC State

[Virtual Track A]

Alternate Format Production for STEM Content with Infty Reader, Sean Keegan, Stanford University

Solving the compliant document dilemma – a case study in “How to get your organization to create accessible documents.” , Paul Rayius, CommonLook

[Virtual Track B]

Semantic Markup for WCAG2 - Writing ALT Attributes, Headings, Link Text & Titles, Gian Wild, AccessibilityOz

OCR's Year In Review, Mary Lou Mobley, U.S. Dept. of Education

Creating Accessible Content in Adobe Acrobat, Kim Phillips, Level Access

Universal Design for Learning: Creating Access for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Cindy Camp, pepnet 2

3:30 - 4:30 p.m.Best Practices for ASL Interpreters in Videoconference Environments, E. William Clymer, NTID/RIT

Which E-Reader is Right for Me? A Guide to E-Books and E-Reader Devices., Allison Kidd, Colorado State University

[Virtual Track A]

Alternate Format Production for STEM Content cont'd Collaboration and Faculty Development: Improving the usability of online math, Kaela Parks, Portland Comm. College

[Virtual Track B]

Semantic Markup for WCAG2 cont'd OCR’s Year in Review Continued How to Test with Assistive Technology , Kathy Wahlbin, Interactive Accessibility

Alternate Media and Copyright—The Hathi Trust Case, Gaeir Dietrich, Consultant

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