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Wednesday’s Grid Schedule 2013 – (Switch to Linear Format)

Wednesday - November 6, 2013
TimeWaverlyCotton Creek IIStandley I LabMeadowbrook IStandley II LabMeadowbrook IIWindsor
8:00 a.m.Connect, Learn, BreakThru: Online STEM Mentoring in Second Life, Chris Langston, Pearson
Tackling today’s Web-Based Learning Technologies: Issues, Challenges and Solutions, Kara Zirkle, Miami University
[Web & LMS Accessibility][Virtual Track A]
Word Tools We Use to Reduce the Work on Document Cleanup, Robert Beach, Kansas City KS Comm. Col.
End the Madness - Section 508 Compliance in the Enterprise, Kim Phillips, Level Access
Benchmarking and Planning your Institution’s Web Accessibility Efforts , Jonathan Whiting, WebAIM
[Institutional Policies/Initiatives]
Teaching Accessibility & Universal Design Concepts Through the Use of Public Policy Projects, Jonathan Lazar, Towson University
[UD] [Virtual Track B]
Described Video Best Practices and Guidelines for the Canadian Broadcasting Industry, Robert Pearson, Accessible Media Inc.
[Media Access]
9:15 a.m.A journey to accessibility - how Temple University is implementing an Accessible Information and Technology initiative university wide, paul paire, Temple University
[Institutional Policies/Initiatives]
Usability and Accessibility CSS Gotchas, Dennis Lembree, Diamond
[Web Design] [Virtual Track A]
2nd half of Word Tools lab Testing the User Experience for Universal Design and Accessibility: Show Them How It Hurts!, Angela Hooker, Microsoft
[UD] [Web Design]
WebAIM Benchmarking and Planning Lab cont\'d How (Not) to Teach Web Design and Development, Terrill Thompson, University of Washington
[UD] [Virtual Track B]
Discovery of Accessible Educational Titles Via Accessibility Metadata, Robert Martinengo, Georgia Institute of Technology
[Alt Format][eBooks]
10:30 a.m.Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break
11:15 a.m.Technology, Transitions, and Practicing what you Preach: A Case Study on How an Orientation Program Models Universal Design for Learning, Van Credle, The Catholic University of America
Mobile Access: The Current State of Mobile Accessibility & How To Create Accessible Apps, Kim Phillips, Level Access
[Mobile] [Virtual Track A]
Experience Bookshare in Action! , Lisa Wadors Verne, Benetech
1-hr lab [Alt Format]
The truth about Section 508 & its fate, William Lawrence, TriTech Enterprise Systems, Inc
Accessibility of electronic library resources. Do librarians consider the needs of people with print disabilities when selecting digital materials?, Axel Schmetzke, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
[Libraries & Online Resources]
Challenges with VPATs, Kathleen Wahlbin, The Paciello Group
[Access Tools / Procedures] [Virtual Track B]
The Gamification of Accessibility, Greg Kraus, Interactive Accessibility
[Web Accessibility]
12:30 - 2:00 p.m.Keynote Lunch: Teaching Universal Design - the Dundee Approach, David Sloan, PhD, Principal User Experience Engineer, The Paciello Group
2:15 p.m.Pushing the Boulder up the Hill: Gaining Traction for Accessibility Case by Case at a Small, Rural University Rapidly Expanding Online Offerings, Linnea Barton, University of Minnesota
[Institutional Policies/Initiatives] [Online Ed.]
Accessible e-Learning: Include ALL Learners, Kim Phillips, Level Access
[Online Ed.]
Tools and Strategies for Creating Accessible ePub Documents, Sean Keegan, Stanford University
2-hr lab [Alt Format][eText] [Virtual Track A]
Review of OCR Letters and Members\' Fact Scenarios, Jim Long, U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights
2-hr session [Legal]
Tools and Techniques for Creating and Using Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM), Ron Stewart, AHEAD
[Alt Format] [Curriculum Access]
Research Based Impacts of Universal Design Strategies in Postsecondary Educational Instruction, Kelly Roberts, University of Hawaii
[UD] [Virtual Track B]
Accessibility Authoring Tools to Achieve Compliance More Quickly, Tom Smith, Ephox
[Web Accessibility]
3:30 - 4:30 p.m.Developing the Inclusive Design Graduate Research Group: Reflections on a UD-Focused Architecture Program at a Public University, Korydon Smith, University at Buffalo
IBM’s WCAG 2.0 web-costing model - an assessment and planning tool for organizations moving to WCAG compliance, Dan Shire, IBM Canada
[Institutional Policies/Initiatives] [Web Accessibility]
2nd half of epub lab [Virtual Track A] 2nd half of OCR session Tools & Techniques Lab Continued Web and IT Accessibility Policies in Higher Education, Terrill Thompson, University of Washington
[Institutional Policies/Initiatives] [Web Accessibility] [Virtual Track B]
Remote CART and VRI: What We Learned On the Road to Success, Dean Brusnighan, Purdue University

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