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Thursday’s Grid Schedule 2013 – (Switch to Linear Format)

Thursday - November 7, 2013
TimeWaverlyCotton Creek IIStandley I LabMeadowbrook IStandley II LabMeadowbrook IIWindsor
8:00 a.m.Engaging the Campus Community through Crowdsourced Accessibility, Melissa Helquist, Salt Lake Community College
[Institutional Policies/Initiatives]
Accessibility Through Responsive Design, Justin Stockton, Devis
[Web Design & Accessibility] [Virtual Track A]
A Model for Accessible LMS Discussion Boards, Hadi Rangin, University of Washington
[Online Ed.] [LMS]
Promoting Collaboration Between DS and IT, Cindy Camp, pepnet 2
[Institutional Policies/Initiatives]
The Next Generation of Accessible Materials: Born Accessible, Lisa Wadors Verne, Benetech
[Alt Format][eText]
Strategies for Representing Graphics: from eText to Alt Tags to Tactile, Robert Beach, Kansas City KS Comm. Col.
[Alt Format] [Virtual Track B]
Do as we say, not as we did: Lessons Learned from Legislating Inclusion in Ontario and Canada, Karen McCall, Karlen Communications
[Legal | System Change]
9:15 a.m.Round-table Discussions Round-table Discussions Round-table Discussions Round-table Discussions Round-table Discussions Round-table Discussions Round-table Discussions
10:30 a.m.Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break
11:15 a.m.UEB 101 - the changes and benefits of Unified English Braille, Hazel Shaw, Dolphin Computer Access
[Alt Format]
Seeking a Unified Reading Environment for All Print Disabilities in iOS, Kevin Price, University of Illinois at Chicago
[Alt Format][Media Access] [Virtual Track A]
Creating a Safety Net for Moving the Classroom to the Web, Van Credle, The Catholic University of America
[Online Ed.][UD] 1 hr lecture
Audio Note-taking software; How I finally heard the pink elephants in my office. , Scott Ritter, Univ. of WI-Whitewater
[Assistive Tech]
SharePoint Usability – Beyond Basic Accessibility and Compliance, Bruce Stover, Discover Technologies
[Web Accessibility]
Quick Ways to Test for Accessibility...Without Doing It All Yourself, Angela Hooker, Microsoft
[Web Accessibility] [Virtual Track B]
Removing Barriers: The Evolution of a Web-based Application for Accommodated Exam Requests, Justin Lozano, University of Missouri
[online ed.]
12:30 - 2:00 p.m.Plenary Lunch: Teaching Universal Design – Benefits, Challenges, Resources, Surprises Panelists: Terrill Thompson, University of Washington; Jayme Johnson, High Tech Center Training Unit, E.A. Draffan, University of Southhampton, Robert Beach, Kansas City Kansas Community College, Howard Kramer, Lecturer, CU-Boulder
2:15 - 3:15 p.m.Applying Knowledge of Access Technology to Working with Users , Teresa Haven, Northern Arizona University
[Assistive Tech]
Institutionalizing Web Accessibility: The Web Accessibility in Higher Education Project in Oklahoma, Rob Carr, University of Alabama at Birmingham
[Institutional Policies/Initiatives] [Virtual Track A]
I Didn't Know Adobe Could Do That!, Susan Kelmer, University of Colorado Boulder
[Alt Format][eText]
Accessible Video Captioning: Regis University Case Study, Nicole Croy, Regis University
[Captioning][Media Access]
OPEN Responsive Design & Accessibility, Kathleen Wahlbin, The Paciello Group
[Web Design & Accessibility] [Virtual Track B]
Understanding the Windows 8 accessibility gap for blind & low vision students, Hazel Shaw, Dolphin Computer Access
[Assistive Tech]
3:15 - 4:00 p.m.Exhibitor Break Exhibitor BreakExhibitor Break Exhibitor Break Exhibitor Break Exhibitor BreakExhibitor Break
4:00 - 5:00 p.m.2nd half of Access Technology lecture Strategies For Accessible Multimedia, Lee Christopher, Arapahoe Community College
[Media Access][Virtual Track A]
2nd half of Adobe Lab Cultural Shifts and Enterprise Accessibility, Denis Boudreau, Deque Systems
[Institutional Policies/Initiatives]
Meeting: How to Accommodate Students with Visual Impairments (led by Gaeir Dietrich) Accessibility Testing, Evaluation & Reporting, Hadi Rangin, University of Washington
[Web Accessibility][Virtual Track B]
The Ultimate Accessibility Conversion System, John Gardner, ViewPlus
[Alt Format]

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